How to make your own digital invitation cards

Making more of your celebrations

Birthday celebrations are often not just confined to a single day. Now, people throw a pre-birthday party, birthday party and post-birthday celebrations for their loved ones. It’s all about making more happy memories. This is where digital invitation cards can come in handy.

A free invitation maker is an online tool featuring graphic designs for your digital invitation cards. This app is not only helpful for birthday invitations, but can be used for all celebratory events. Search for ‘birthday card maker’ on the Google Play Store, and you will find a list apps with the best ones at the top.

The importance of invitations cards…

Don’t underestimate how important your invitation is, to tell your guests about the venue, date, day and time. It prevents any miscommunication and misunderstanding.

Paperless invitation cards are more environmentally friendly. They’re also cost-effective, and you don’t need to spend much time on designing and making them. It’s a fairly simple task you can even do on your smartphone.

Invitation Maker free, paperless card creator

This wonderful invitation maker free app is one of the top-ranked apps for designing invitation cards. You can also use it as a birthday card maker due to its wide range of birthday templates. All the templates and stickers that it provides are free of cost. This online app provides the users with:

  • 500 plus templates
  • 200 plus typography styles
  • 750 plus stylish stickers
  • 100 plus stylish fonts

All these templates, styles, fonts and stickers make a wonderfully designed card. You can use the theme of the party for the card, too. You can keep it really simple and elegant, funky, cartoon themed or any other topic.

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Canva free invitation maker app

Canva is a lot more than an invitation card maker app. It is a toolbox of graphic design, helping you create digital invitation cards, banners, posters, etc. If you run any website or social media pages, then you can create your own social media graphics using this superb tool. This app contains suggestions and ideas for any occasion like birthdays, New Year, bridal showers, baby showers, anniversaries, weddings, engagement and any more. You have to make an account and log in to use.

If you have more than one design in mind, you can open multiple tabs of this app and create the invitation cards at the same time. You have the option to edit and customize it fully. It is a small-sized app, so does not take up much space on smartphones. The interface is quite user-friendly. You can edit the cards after saving, too.

Invitation card maker

This free invitation maker app lets you design and create the invitation card image or convert it into a gif or video. This feature is rare for free apps. This invitation maker app is free to use and easy to operate because of a simple interface with no complexities.

Have fun creating your digital invitation cards!