Why an annual event is important for your business

How to host an annual event

Almost all top businesses in the world have a flagship annual event. Apple has its WWDC and Google has the Google I/O developer conference. Other companies have either internal annual events or big corporate events designed to generate media attention.

Either way, annual events remain one of the best ways to achieve certain key objectives. There are several reasons why an annual event is important for your business. We are going to discuss them – and how you can host your own annual event successfully – in this article.

Motivating employees

An annual event is the perfect occasion for culture-building and getting everyone together. Even when the event is geared more towards an external audience, it is still the perfect time to get employees involved and working together to make the event a big success.

An annual event allows employees to understand how far the organisation has travelled over the past year. It is also the perfect moment to introduce new objectives and plans that will be executed during the following year.

At the same time, employees can also hear from the top management of the business directly. This helps boost their sense of ownership and belonging, which results in a significant boost in motivation. Since everyone attends the event, the impact is rather substantial.

Stress relief

We also cannot negate the fact that an annual corporate event is usually designed to be very relaxed and entertaining. You can hire a show band to entertain everyone, have food and beverages keeping everyone happy, and create a pleasant, stress-relieving atmosphere.

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An annual corporate event acts as a reminder that it is okay to relax and have fun. No matter what industry you are in, working can still bring a lot of stress. Competing in a tight market amplifies that level of stress even more.

As mentioned before, the annual corporate event is also perfect for giving employees reassurance and keeping them happy. You can also have presentations from HR managers or other key management figures to drive focus and employee happiness.

An opportunity to connect

Even in start-ups and smaller businesses, the opportunity to connect with business leaders and communicate directly doesn’t always appear every day. In many cases, employees don’t get to talk and connect on a more personal level with top management all that often.

This makes the annual corporate event even more valuable since it presents that opportunity in different ways. When the entire company travels to an exotic destination for the event, for instance, sharing that experience is a great way to get everyone closer.

You can gear the rest of the event towards strengthening relationships between employees, too. Activities such as creating a performance or having casual discussions over dinner are more than enough to make employees feel appreciated and connected.


A key element of many annual corporate events is an award ceremony, and this element is crucial for recognising top-performing employees and their achievements. You cannot ignore the context provided by annual events.

Recognising key employees in an award ceremony means recognising them in front of everyone. This will increase the value of the recognition you give even further. It also makes employees more eager to achieve great things, knowing that they will be recognised for those achievements.

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You don’t need to make the award ceremony particularly complicated. In fact, a heartfelt ceremony in front of the whole team is usually more effective than an elaborate awarding night. It is the recognition that counts, and the moment simply amplifies that positive vibe.

Business updates

Lastly, there is also the fact that an annual event is great for delivering business updates to the rest of the market. An annual event with an international show band and a series of big announcements will capture media interest.

The extra publicity generated by the annual event makes hosting one an easy decision to make. You will certainly get a good return on your investment when you consider the media coverage – and the buzz around your annual event – boosting business in different ways.

Besides, there is no better time to announce something big than in an annual conference. The fact that you host the event annually also motivates the entire business to achieve more, bring better products, and have better announcements every year.

Getting started with hosting an annual event

Hosting an annual event is not as complicated as you think. As long as you have the objectives of the event defined clearly, planning the rest of the event will be easy. If the goal is to launch a new product, for instance, you can focus your energy on getting media coverage. If it is an internal event for employees, you can craft the event to better suit your employees’ needs and expectations.

Either way, the rest of the planning process will be a walk in the park. Executing that plan is usually where the challenge lies, but the challenges you will come across are very manageable. When it comes to entertainment, for example, you can easily find an international showband for hire. Jam Hot, a premier international show band with a long list of stunning performances, is the perfect example.

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Jam Hot offers a variety of entertainment for events and weddings, but their international reputation and the stunning shows they always pull off whenever they perform adds value to your corporate event. You can also get more information about how you can hire Jam Hot for your corporate event on their website, which makes the process even easier.

You can also find and book other parts of the corporate event, such as the perfect venue and equipment, online. The internet is your friend when it comes to finding these necessities. Even better, you can avoid doing everything yourself by working with an event organiser that specialises in corporate events.

Now that you know the top reasons why hosting an annual corporate event is important – and how you can host one easily – there is no reason not to celebrate your business’s achievements with a good event hosted annually.

Getting started with hosting one is certainly easy.


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