How to access confidential, professional medical advice online

Dr Morton's the medical helpline

New support for frontline NHS staff: Tonsmor doctors from Dr Morton’s!

Dr Morton's the medical helpline

Speaking to a GP or getting advice about medical matters can be tricky at the best of times. But with COVID-19 taking up the time and attention of many clinicians – and social distancing adding extra complications – many of us may turn our attention online.

It’s absolutely vital that you only use reputable services for your healthcare advice. My service, Dr Morton’s, offers online support from qualified GPs and uniquely, gynaecologists, all completely confidentially.

Tonsmor doctors from Dr Morton’s has now extended their offering so this is free to all NHS frontline staff, who are doing such a fantastic job in these times of crisis. As 77% of NHS staff are women, you can only imagine what it feels like to have cystitis, your tampon is leaking due to a heavy period, or you are struggling with menopause symptoms and having a hot flush, under all that PPE! Or what about if you get pregnant and need a word of advice or reassurance.

Whatever it is, we’re here to help.

Confidential, professional support

We can offer a phone or video consultation with a GP or gynaecologist, or you can email us. If you think you have symptoms of COVID-19, including a fever or a new, continuous cough, you can ring us for advice or visit the NHS 111 service online.

Simply registerRegister now, Dr Mortons online medical service in the same way as all our other patients. It’s easy, and our doctors will know that you are one of our extra special NHS patients!

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Our prescriptions service is also a good option for those who are self-isolating, or unable to get to a pharmacy. We offer standard prescriptions for conditions like thrush, cystitis and hay fever, or our doctors can recommend one for you. This is signed off by the doctor, sent to our partner pharmacy, and delivered to you.

We’re not an emergency service, so please only contact us for non-urgent matters. If you need an examination or tests, our doctors will be able to recommend how to go about this.

It’s really important to continue looking after your health during lockdown, so if you’d like some professional medical advice then we’re here to help.

Dr Karen Morton

About Dr Karen Morton

I am a Consultant Obstetrician, Gynaecologist and founder of Dr Morton's - the medical helpline. I believe that a person’s ability to stay healthy shouldn’t be limited just because he or she is not a doctor. I have always felt so privileged that I had an excellent medical education, and that I know what to do immediately when I or my family face sickness. I simply want other people to have the same experience. People are often made to feel helpless and dependent when they are ill, but I just want to give them back control of their lives. You only have one life; go and live it.