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menopause, solutions, symptoms, Dr Mortons, Henpicked

Getting into my GP for an appointment to talk about my menopause symptoms and get my repeat prescription for HRT isn’t easy. Now I’ve found the solution that works perfectly for me.

menopause, solutions, symptoms, Dr Mortons, Henpicked

Two months ago on a Saturday morning, I pumped my last squirt of my oestrogen without realising I was running out. Not a great feeling and I was coming up to a very busy week, no gaps to get into my GP.

What did I do?

I couldn’t wait a couple of weeks, I couldn’t go without HRT.

I’d read about Dr Morton’s and seen a conversation on Twitter about consulting a gynaecologist online. And I’ve met and worked with Dr Karen Morton during menopause events and at conferences. So I decided to give it a go.

Signing up on the website, ticking the option to keep my GP informed and emailing what I wanted. A renewal of my HRT prescription. The reply came back quickly and a thorough conversation about my health, my preferences and what I was already taking.

By the end of the day, I felt like I had a longer consultation than the 10 minutes at my GP surgery. They told me the cost of my prescription and a delivery date for the following Tuesday.

The box arrived at my home on time with three months’ supply.

Expert care and support online or by phone

Fabulous service, it is possible to get the same medical care online or by phone that I’d get in person.

Specialist gynaecologist support

I have great service generally from my GP and respect what they do. However, not all GPs are menopause experts. I’ve experienced that myself, having to insist for a second opinion or being told something that I know is a myth. An example was being told I must come off HRT because I’d been taking it for over five years.

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A female acquaintance from France told me they talk to a gynaecologist about menopause, not GPs normally.

As one friend said, during her last meeting about HRT, it might as well be over the phone because not once had she had eye contact and no tests were conducted.

Access to the latest gold standard HRT products

There are lots of HRT products available in gels, creams, patches and tablets.

I’d asked for body-identical HRT, which is said to be better than older HRT products, at my last GP appointment. My own GP does not have these on their prescribing list and offered me tablets I’d taken before which really did not do the job. I’d had to persist to get the latest products.

When my parcel arrived from Dr Morton’s I emailed to ask why I had so much – four times more than my GP had given me. Dr Morton’s told me that was the recommended amount for three months and confirmed the number of squirts I needed a day. So the prescription from my GP was well below the recommended amount.

There’s a lot of talk about testosterone and the benefits to menopausal women.

Dr Morton’s expert talked to me about it and confirmed that they could prescribe it for me if we both felt it was right for me. There isn’t a testosterone product for women available on the NHS, if you want it you’d probably need a referral to a menopause clinic.

Personal, individual care when it’s convenient for me

Like many women, I’m always busy. I don’t have time to wait for the 8:30am lottery to see if I will get a GP appointment that day, or try again the next day. Then go in at the time that’s convenient for them rather than me.

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Online or on the phone works perfectly for me. The consultation is at the time that suits me. I don’t need to get my prescription and go to the pharmacy. I can choose whether I want my HRT sent to my home or work. And if I’ve got a question in the meantime, they’re available for the price of my monthly subscription.

Value for money

I pay £10 a month to Dr Morton’s and my three months’ supply of HRT cost only £32 more than the NHS prescription fee. That included postage and packaging. Prices for HRT varies, and I have gold standard.

It’s not in my budget to consult with a private menopause expert and online or phone is the best option for me.

Dr Morton’s inform my GP about my treatment and it is the expert care I want for my menopause. I think my own GP’s service is very good for general needs. And they can now offer someone else the appointment I would take. I’m sure they don’t mind me taking a little pressure off the NHS.

I will be staying with Dr Morton’s service, I trust the expert advice and believe it’s great value for money. And it’s convenient!

Please note, this is not an advertorial. I do not receive any discount or incentives. I have not been asked to write this review.

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