Young at heart: tips for enjoying your later years


We’re all getting older—there’s no stopping the ageing process.

retirementHowever, there are ways in which we can reduce the impact of ageing on our minds and bodies by remaining active and enriching our minds with activities and hobbies. Once we retire, there’s nothing that says we have to fall into a boring spiral of monotony, wishing for our younger years to return to us. Now, it’s time to use all of that free time productively and get some real enjoyment out of your later years in style.

Read our guide below for some tips on making the most of the next chapter of your life and getting involved in things you just didn’t have any time for before.


One of the top things people focus on after they finish working is visiting all the places they couldn’t get to with limitations from work and other responsibilities. Of course, you might just want to visit a beach somewhere to soak up the sun and read a good book, but there are many more option now that you don’t really have to worry about things like booking time off of work. Visit some places on your bucket-list or add some more to it that you hadn’t originally thought of.

Whether you’re looking to keep up your physical health with some challenging nature treks through some North American national parks, or going on an African safari to spot endangered wildlife, there are almost too many options to choose from.


This suggestion may sound a cliché but there’s a reason cruises are so popular with older generations. Ultimately, a cruise vacation is one that can boast elegance and style with daily entertainment, good food, beautiful sights, and comfortable accommodation. Of course, you’ll want to make sure you can get your sea-legs but once you get used to the cruise life, you’ll never want to leave.

Book a Caribbean or South Pacific cruise for some gorgeous weather and crystal-clear waters. Or opt for an exciting journey through the colder climes of Alaska or the Fjords for a chance at glimpsing the Aurora Borealis and killer whales.

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Your best retirement living

When you are looking for a slightly less complex life and you don’t want to manage the admin of your home and day to day as much, why not look at finding the perfect retirement village or care home? To make the process of finding your dream retirement or care home set up easier, use a platform such as Lottie whose team will support you in finding the place for you or your loved one. Their experts will also support you in getting the best price and deal possible.

The thought of moving into a retirement village or care home may make you flinch. However, when you see how amazing these destinations truly are and the community you could be part of, you may think differently.

Find a hobby or sport

As mentioned earlier, it’s not just our bodies that need constant maintenance. Our minds require stimulation to remain strong and sharp, and the best way of doing that is by taking up a craft or hobby. Things like reading are also very important to do in your down time but try to choose an active hobby such as gardening or woodwork to retain a sense of productivity too. Whatever your interests are, there is a pastime out there that you can tackle. Similarly, taking up a sport at an older age will directly serve to improve and maintain your physical wellbeing, no matter how intense it is. If you’re still the athletic sort, consider cycling or running to keep the blood pumping.

Or you could try a more competitive activity such as tennis or golf with friends.

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The camaraderie attained from group sports and activities makes for a fantastic boost to your social life too.

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