Wrapping presents the quick and easy way

Beautifully wrapped presents look so enticing under the Christmas tree, with pretty paper and decorative bows and ribbons all adding to the festive feel.

wrapped present Hand over a present that’s been carefully wrapped and you’ll be sure to get comments on your attention to detail and thoughtfulness.

But here’s the secret. Wrapping a gorgeous parcel needn’t take long, and as soon as you learn the basics you can move on from straightforward boxes to larger and trickier shapes.

Here’s my ten-step guide to wrapping a present they’ll love to receive:

step one of wrapping presentsStep one. Gather together everything you need. So this is your boxed gift, paper, scissors, ribbon and double-sided tape (your new best friend!)




FullSizeRenderStep two. Measure your paper by wrapping around the gift and allowing a little overlap of 5cm/2″. Cut away any excess.




FullSizeRender-1Step three. Make sure the side edge should be no higher than the height of your box.





IMG_0217Step four. Fold the paper over at one end by 1cm/0.5″ and add a strip of double-sided tape along the top edge.




IMG_0218Step five. Bring the other edge of the paper over the box and stick the folded edge to it to disguise the seam.




IMG_0219Step six. Fold in the sides and tuck into place.





IMG_0220Step seven. Form an ‘envelope’ shape by folding in the sides.





IMG_0221Step eight. Add a professional finish and make it match at both ends by folding the paper over at the point where the diagonal lines meet the ‘envelope’.




IMG_0222Step nine. Fold inwards and add double-sided tape along the edge and stick into place to form a lovely neat finish.




IMG_0223Step ten. Add your chosen ribbon (I’ve finished mine off with a tailored flat bow) or a decoration.





 My top tips

  • Use good-quality wrapping paper and matching ribbons – they make all the difference.
  • Experiment with different looks – even plain paper with the right accessories can look stunning. You could use wallpaper and small baubles or even sprigs of rosemary.
  • Try double-sided sticky tape – it really does look so much better than normal Sellotape.
  • Pay attention to detail. This means lining up patterns and sharpening edges for a lovely finish. And do cut away excess paper, leaving just enough.
  • Make an occasion of your wrapping to get into the festive spirit!

And there you have it! Beautifully wrapped gifts you can be proud of and grateful friends and family who will love showing them off under their tree.

Caroline Greene

About Caroline Greene

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