Women: leading the social entrepreneur revolution

Women leading the social entrepreneur revolution

Social entrepreneurs are making big changes in society… and lots of them are women.

Women leading the social entrepreneur revolutionThe title ‘social entrepreneur’ probably makes you think of someone young, ambitious and tech-savvy. Well, think again. Times are changing for the better. Social entrepreneurs are leading the change, with 41% being female-led and 58% aged 45-64. This is vastly different to the corporate sector, with just 30 women in full-time executive roles at FTSE 50 companies, amounting to 6.4% of the total.

What is a social entrepreneur?

It’s anyone who is socially driven to tackle problems, find solutions and build a better future. They are driven by societal needs rather than profit, and feel passionate about giving something back.

That’s why, in my opinion, so many women are social entrepreneurs and they often don’t even realise it. Women in their 40s, 50s and beyond have so much to give. They are often looking for a change and want to use their knowledge and skills to make a difference. There are thousands of women out there doing amazing things but because they’re not shouting about it, nobody knows.

I certainly never thought of myself as an entrepreneur. But at the age of 50, I started running a company driven by my personal experience. I’d seen my elderly parents through failing health and felt desperately frustrated that so little was out there to help them stay active, happy and independent. I developed Move it or Lose it, partnered with academics and a leading charity and now have hundreds of specialist instructors teaching exercise classes for thousands of older people where they can socialise, have fun and stay fitter for longer.

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Helping women take control of their menopause

MenoHealth business opportunities

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Now at 58 I’ve founded MenoHealth to empower women to take control of menopause. Following a hysterectomy at 36, I was advised not to have HRT because of the – now discredited – research linking it to breast cancer.

I suffered insomnia, palpitations which were so severe I ended up in hospital, low self-esteem and now have found I have osteoporosis. I want women everywhere to have the right information and support to take control of menopause and to keep strong in mind, body and spirit.

I’m now looking for wonderful women to join my team of MenoLeaders to run support and exercise classes to help other women through their menopause. I want to give them the confidence to step slightly out of their comfort zone. To realise that they can be their own boss by becoming social entrepreneurs. All you need is the desire to listen and help, a willingness to learn and the vitality to motivate others to get moving. We can teach you everything else you need to run MenoClasses.

Exercise is menopause medicine

Just at a time when you feel like doing nothing, it’s a time when you actually need to do more. Strengthening muscles is not only great for tone and function, it works at a deep cellular level to reduce inflammation and avoid many of the illnesses that appear during mid-life. Keeping bones strong can ward off osteoporosis. This is something we can’t see or feel but can have devastating consequences in later life. Keeping hearts healthy during and after menopause can prevent heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke. And the positive impact on mood and self-esteem is pretty well miraculous.

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So here’s my clarion call to women who are looking for something that offers fulfilment, reward and enjoyment. Why not join our amazing team of MenoSisters? We already have opportunities to run MenoClasses in the workplace in Nottingham, Leicester, Northumberland, Bradford, Leeds, East Anglia, Plymouth and Birmingham. And we have thousands of women waiting for MenoClasses in the community across the UK. Email info@menohealth.co.uk for a no-obligation info pack.

Do something amazing and help us to bring about a change for the better.


About Julie Robinson

I'm a fitness expert and the founder of Menohealth, offering specialist MenoClasses which combine support and exercise to help you take control of menopause. My vision is to ensure no woman goes through menopause alone by training an army of amazing MenoLeaders who can motivate those who have the lost the confidence or desire to exercise. I want to build a community of women supporting each other so they can enjoy better health and wellbeing through menopause and beyond.