Why spring cleaning isn’t just for spring…

Maintain a year-round cleaning schedule…

For a lot of people, springtime has become the official time of year to take on a number of home projects, including the iconic ‘spring clean’.

Many people like to put off deep cleans and clear outs for the spring, following schedules that can help them get the work done in an organised fashion. The idea is that since the season is one of new beginnings, it can also be a new beginning within your home as well. A fresh, clean start for the rest of the year.

While spring cleaning works for many people for this reason, it could be better to maintain a cleaning schedule all year long. Consider the benefits of a more long-term cleaning schedule, and how they may work for you.

Season specific maintenance

While many people call it ‘spring cleaning’, a lot of the projects done at this time of year also fall into the category of spring maintenance. Winter is a harsh time of year for many areas. So while you’re doing the cleaning in the spring, you’re also taking inventory of how your home weathered the previous few months, and making necessary repairs. For example, while you’re cleaning out your gutters, it’s a good idea to take a look at your roof. A lot of loose granules in the gutters is a sign that your roof is deteriorating. At times like this, cleaning and maintenance go hand in hand. 

You can do this throughout the year. For example, in the autumn, when you do your garden clean-up, take the time to make sure that your exterior is ready for the winter, cracks in your caulk are sealed, and weatherstripping is in place. In the winter, when you check on your heating, ventilation and air conditioning filters, have your ducts cleaned to improve your furnace’s efficiency. 

Adding specific maintenance to your cleaning schedule keeps your home in better repair all year long. 

More relaxed timing

Spring cleaning schedules can encompass a lot. You’re trying to fit a whole year’s worth of projects into a few weeks. And while the sense of satisfaction at the end of it all can be enormous, it can also be a stressful time. 

When you do all your major cleaning projects in one season, you typically dedicate every weekend and free hour to the cause. This doesn’t leave a lot of time for enjoying the warmer weather and the recreation it can bring.

When you spread out your cleaning and maintenance schedules over the year, it creates a more relaxed pace. You can fit your cleaning into your schedule, rather than attempting to wedge your personal commitments into your cleaning plan. You’ll not only be able to skip a step and come back to it when it’s convenient, you’ll also be more likely to stick to the whole thing. 

While it’s easy to get derailed during a spring clean by other, more fun commitments, it can be very difficult to get back on track. When your schedule is relaxed and spread out, you’re more likely to be able to keep with it, making it a lifestyle change, rather than a set of chores.

Easier disposal

Part of spring cleaning often entails disposing of clutter, broken appliances, and other items that have been taking up room in your garage and attic. When you wait all year long to dispose of these items, it becomes not only more complicated, but also more expensive.

It can be much easier to dispose of a small bag of donated items, or a pile of construction debris as you uncover it. When you wait, you’ll likely have several car loads, which can mean a lot more wear and tear and effort to get through them all. 

If you decide that you have enough items to dispose of with either a removal service or a skip, a more relaxed schedule lets you plan ahead, and schedule these for when it makes the most sense for you and your budget. This is in contrast to when you gather your items in a short period of time, resulting in your being forced to live with them until you can sort out your disposal methods. 

Less to do next spring

The biggest benefit of all to spreading your spring cleaning out all year is the fact that your home will stay in better condition all year round. Rather than simply waiting and tackling a huge mess in the spring, you’ll be able to enjoy your home more in every season. If you choose to do a deeper clean in the spring, you’ll also find it a little easier. There will be less to do, allowing you to focus on other, bigger projects in and around your home.

Consider maintaining a cleaning schedule year round to reap these benefits for yourself. You may be surprised just how easy it is to keep up with your home and belongings once you spread the timing over a larger amount of the year.

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