Why public speaking is a great asset for your CV

public speaking, woman, career, CV

Public speaking can be nerve-wracking – we understand that. But there are so many benefits to taking the mic and sharing something you’re passionate about with a crowd.

public speaking, woman, career, CVPeople from a range of industries take to the stage whether it’s to entertain, inform, motivate or to present. But did you know it can have a positive impact on your CV?

Why your CV is important

The CV plays a vital role in the job application process, it helps you secure the interview. After that, it’s down to you. Your CV needs to scream and shout why you’re perfect for the position.

It’s your personal marketing tool and you need to use it to its fullest potential to market yourself. We’re going to share some top tips on how public speaking can help you excel and become a must-include on your CV.

Communication skills

Communication is a fundamental requirement for every job role, both written and verbal. It’s difficult to demonstrate strong verbal communications unless you have evidence of where you have used this.

This is where public speaking comes in. If you have stood in front of an audience and spoken about a topic, whether it’s for 10 minutes or 50 minutes, it highlights your ability to vocalise your thoughts, opinions and personality.


Drawing from that, it also highlights your confidence – confidence in yourself, your voice and your chosen subject. Confidence is a huge draw for employers as it can demonstrate leadership qualities.

Showing confidence on your CV can be tough; it’s much easier to be done in person through your attitude, appearance and demeanour. So having something that demonstrates confidence on paper can really set you apart from the crowd.

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The ability to present

If you’re applying for a job where you will be expected to do presentations or talks, you can tick a big requirement box by having experience in this area. If the job description states that you will be required to create presentations, you know you have this covered by mentioning that you have done some form of public speaking.

Depending on the type of speaking you’ve done, you may have created a presentation to show alongside your speech. Adding this onto your CV is also great as it shows that you have knowledge in creating presentations and using the technology.

Shows you’re creative

Again, depending on your style of speaking, having public speaking on your CV can show how creative you are. If you are capable of holding an audience’s attention you’ve obviously gripped them. Whether it’s because what you’re talking about is personable or you throw in a few jokes, it shows you can create an engaging speech.

Yes, public speaking can be daunting, but having this on your CV can tick many boxes on the list of skills employers are looking for. Write your speech down, have a drink to hand, take a deep breath, don’t rush and be confident in yourself that you know what you’re talking about.