Why midlife could be the perfect time to start your online business

Older woman opening shop

Midlife is, for many of us, when life gives us a huge wake up call to remind us that time passes very quickly and none of us know how long we have left.

Older woman opening shopSometimes this wake-up call comes in the form of a significant birthday, the sudden unexpected silence of an empty nest, bereavement or simply catching sight of yourself in a mirror and realising the age you feel on the inside is not reflected outwardly.

But whatever brings us to this point, it’s what we do once we’re here that’s important.  Because once we’ve come to terms with our mortality and the speed with which life passes, there can be a renewed zest for life, for squeezing as much joy and fun out of the time we have.

What this means for more of us is that, in increasing numbers, we’ve deciding to join all those bright young things parading their online business success and to use our time to step into online entrepreneurship.

We’re creating businesses that are thriving and flourishing, all thanks to the amazing power of the internet and social media. Entrepreneurship in this age group is soaring.

With technology we now have opportunities that would not have been available to us ten years ago without huge financial investment. We can reach out to a client on the other side of the world, develop a relationship with them and sell our services. We no longer need advanced training to design a website and there are plenty of ways to learn about social media.

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So what stops midlifers from getting started?

The technology

We’ve all had the experience of needing a ten year old to help us figure out how to use the latest gadget. But, even if we feel light years behind, I’ve discovered that there is always a way to find out the answer. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve had to YouTube my latest technology frustration and found the answer. Not only does the technology provide new opportunities, it also provides ways for us to access support to help us in our business growth.

The fear we’ve left it too late

It’s never too late to take advantage of all our glorious skills and knowledge. More and more of us are challenging the expectations of midlife and beyond. There are women our age all over the world teaching others how to knit, run a business, improve our health… The options are unlimited and now is the perfect time for you to start.

A lack of confidence in our own abilities.

If we’ve been at home for years caring for a family, stuck in a part-time job way below our capability so that we can juggle responsibilities or even in the same career for a long time, it can be so hard to see what else we could do. We also need to remember that we have so many skills that have become second nature to us that we fail to recognise other people do not find them easy.

So why is being an online entrepreneur so perfect for us midlifers?

We’re got years more experience of work and life than the young, glossy entrepreneurs who use their two-year career in their field of choice as their major marketing advantage. We’ve had decade after decade of honing work skills, organising, managing teams, studying, multi-tasking, juggling family and other commitments.

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Success in an online business comes down to our ability to use communication skills and build relationships. Gone are the days of sleazy sales tactics and wearing people down until you have a sale. Today it’s all about relationship marketing. Talking directly to the group of people that you’re perfectly suited to serve, getting to know them, discovering their needs and then providing a product or service perfectly suited to their needs. 

You may think your experience here is limited but think of the friendships you’re maintained for decades, the problems you’ve navigated over the years with toddlers, unhelpful bosses, difficult co-workers.

Many of us are bored and frustrated with the demands of corporate life. We have diverse skills, interests and talents. Branching out on our own provides the freedom to package all of this, to create a business that is uniquely ours without having to deal with office politics, glass ceilings or restrictive practices telling us what hours we have to work and when we can take a few weeks holiday. Freedom and creativity are the new buzzwords for today’s entrepreneurs.

You’ll never know if you’ve got it in you if you don’t get started. Someone out there desperately needs your experience and wisdom to solve their problems and live a fuller life. So come and join the growing army of midlife entrepreneurs because if not now, when?


About Dawn Robinson

I am a business coach and workshop leader for women in their midlife and I firmly believe that midlife can be a positive time for transformation, a chance for a midlife evolution rather than a crisis! I help and encourage women to make the rest of their years the best of their years. When not working and being with my family, I can be found on the nearest ice rink enjoying my new hobby of figure skating.