Whispers in the wind

Girl flying a red kite against a blue sky

The March winds are here!

Batten down the hatches. Hide yourself away.
Tie down everything you own before it’s blown away.
Guard against this thief that’s come, get ready for the fight.
Grab onto what’s familiar – make sure you hold on tight!

But wait! What’s that I hear? Nature is whispering…

“You’re just seeing one perspective – am I cruel or am I kind?
Sometimes you have to push against closed doors within your mind.
You’ve been in hibernation in a place that’s dark and cold.
The time has come – wake up! Allow your future to unfold.
Wind always whispers quietly before it starts to roar –
Sometimes you need to face the things that you’ve blocked out before.
I haven’t come to hurt you, but to blow your clouds away.
To let you see a ray of hope, add sunshine to your day.”

We hold this force inside us, like the wind it can’t be seen,
And at its deepest levels can turn nightmares into dreams.
It comes as love, and peace and hope. We leave a trail behind
when we hurl out acts of kindness from our hearts and from our minds.

So be less quick to judge when March winds knock upon your door
and feel that sense of gratitude – Spring’s in your life once more.

Let the wind blow…

Girl flying a red kite against a blue sky

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