What’s your style personality?

Close up on a untidy cluttered wardrobe with colorful clothes and accessories, many clothes and nothing to wear.

What would your wardrobe say about your style personality? Did you know that we wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time?

Style personality

No, I didn’t either. But thanks to a brilliant presentation from image consultants Sara Marsden-Shreeve of The Image Tree and Lisa Newport of My Ruby Slippers, I now know this and much, much more.

On the evening, both were keen to stress that being an image consultant isn’t about telling people what to wear, or what not to wear. It’s about helping people find their natural style personality, so they feel confident and happy.

And another thing I learned. It takes just seven seconds to make a visual impression. Rather alarmingly, that’s how long it takes someone to form a judgement of you by looking at your photo. So, especially if you’re in business, it makes sense to project the right image from the start.

This means looking at your profile picture with a critical eye. It’s not about looking perfect, but about making sure you have an image that will look good anywhere – lots of people check social media on their phones – and that people can see the whites of your eyes. So lots of you and not too much background. And Lisa recommends using the same picture across all your social media platforms and on your website.

Style personality: the top 5

This is fascinating. Whether you just get up in the morning and chuck on some clothes, or you plan your outfit carefully the night before, the chances are you’ll be drawn to the same type of clothes time and time again – which brings us back to the earlier point of wearing a small percentage of our wardrobe over and over again.

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Sara pointed out that, while there are different personality types, most people will belong to at least two of these. She also said that this is not about trying to pigeonhole people into a stereotype – but that it helps to know the type of styles and clothes you’re attracted to, so you can buy more clothes that you’re likely to actually wear.

The dramatic personality

This person likes bold colours, fashionable prints and designer labels. They often wear a ‘hero piece’, which is one dramatic item which stands out. They’re self assured and don’t tend to worry about what people think. Brands they like include Karen Millen and Versace.

Woman in a Monsoon dress walking through a field of hay

Expressive personality

The natural personality

This is an easygoing style, relaxed and fuss free. People in this group tend to go for comfort and practicality over anything else – does it wash and iron easily? They love natural fibres, beads and sporty, simple styles and tend to be carefree but stylish. Brands they like include Gap and Kaliko.

The expressive personality

Feminine, fluid styles with lots of movement are favourites of this style personality. They’re not scared of print, and like the feel of fabrics, often choosing vintage styles. Clothes tend to be pretty, with lots of ruffles and textures. Brands they like include Monsoon, Alice Temperley, Coast, East and John Rocha.

The classic personality

This lady loves muted, tailored, confident clothes with clean lines and not much fuss. They like to dress up – in fact, they can often struggle to dress down – and often prefer one expensive piece to lots of cheaper ones. Prints are subtle, with fabrics that aren’t heavy or figure hugging. Brands they like include Whistles, Reiss, Ralph Lauren, Hobbs and Jigsaw.

Gamine style dress from Boden

Gamine personality

The gamine personality

This style is elfin, girly, cute and neat, with vintage, quirky looks. The gamine likes to have fun with clothes, mixing up styles, such as pairing trainers with a dress. They are a more coordinated version of natural personality. Often confused for petite, this is a style for all shapes and sizes. Brands they like include Boden, Joules, Zara, French Connection and Mango.

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My own style

From all this, I decided I’m a dramatic personality probably with a mix of expressive. I go for bold blocks of colours and nearly always choose a bright coat or top – I love my different coloured Birkenstocks and Converse too.

What lies beneath your style personality?

One final tip which Lisa gave… always put on nice underwear. Not for the old reason of ‘in case you get hit by a bus’ but because it makes you feel good, and our style confidence starts from the minute we get dressed.

So thanks ladies, for the style advice and tips. It’s nice to know that nothing is off limits, and that style really is more about personality than shape or size.

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