What women say about Henpicked…

Faces of Henpicked authorsWe love feedback. Please let us know what you like, what you’d like to see more of or what you’d like us to do differently. Thank you to everyone who’s already given us feedback!

‘A beautiful supportive community who help to enhance other women’s lives.’ Kim Rossi

Henpicked “shares the wisdom of women” via it’s website and newsletters.  I love the warmth and humour you can find here, and their commitment to celebrating what women are all about.  If you’re a Twitter user then look out for their #wisewomen hashtag on posts.’ Jane Minton

‘Henpicked has a wonderful mixture of interesting and informative articles as well as some light hearted ones. I find it really worthwhile to be a part of it and heartily recommend it to other women.’ Carol Fieldhouse

‘Henpicked is a beacon of clarity and an outstretched hand amongst the confusion of life. A community of wisdom for all to benefit and share. Indeed a privilege to be a part of.’ Sara Marsden-Shreeve

‘I know only too well that people, situations and communities of gorgeous ladies are brought into your life for a reason. What foresight to create such a community as Henpicked. It’s a place where you feel understood, encouraged and fully supported no matter what area of your life or business needs attention, there will be an article, a resource or a person who can give you unprecedented levels of support. 

The wisdom of women is immense and needs to be shared to save time, energy and at times to make you realise you are not alone. There aren’t enough superlatives to explain how lucky I feel to have been in the right place at the right time to become part of one of the worldwide webs fastest growing community of like minded women. Don’t waste another moment – come and join us, you’ll be so glad you did!’  Michele Walsh

‘A truly inspirational bunch of women who’s passion for helping other women find support, health, happiness, style, beauty, savviness (the list goes on!) never tires. There’s something new to learn every day! A truly wonderful resource enhancing lives of women forty and over. Once found, you can’t live without it!’  Misia Smith

‘I’m so grateful to have found this wonderful community of clever women! Henpicked not only provides the answers to things you were afraid to ask but the answers to the questions you didn’t know you had! I’m not sure I’d have taken the plunge into self-employment if I hadn’t had the support and encouragement from all the lovely Henpicked women already making a success of their lives. Thank you.’ Janet Pimento

‘The content provided by Henpicked is fresh, intelligent and varied. It caters to an audience that otherwise simply does not appear to be catered to on the web. I love the fact that Henpicked articles range from solutions to “chub rub” (when your thighs chafe against each other when you’re not wearing tights); how to combat thread veins to articles about financial planning for retirement and how the new taxation rules on dividends will affect business owners. 

In short, Henpicked is absolutely stuffed full of useful, engaging and thought-provoking articles for all wise women of a certain age and it draws you in – you think you’ll have a quick browse of the site for 5 minutes, and 35 minutes later you realise that you’re still engrossed in it! ‘‪ Rebecca Dowdeswell

‘As a self employed woman its good to connect with other like minded woman who are happy to share knowledge, tell it like it is and support you. It’s what keeps me going.’ Susan Hart