What to expect from t4w

Dynamic-dancing-womenA community of women who will, through their voices and shared experiences, support, encourage and inspire each other and make each other laugh. The community will form around a website by women for women.

An online home or hub for women in their 40s, 50s and beyond who are trying to find and be themselves again after bringing up children and/or managing relationships, and/or making decisions about child bearing and/or devoting themselves to their careers; women in this bracket are predicted to have long, healthy life spans and have often been highly educated in a way that was not common for previous generations.

Such women have a natural connection and bond which today’s technology makes it possible to realise and they also have a huge natural resilience and energy which is currently overlooked by media channels and politicians alike (both male-dominated). We aim to give women a space to share their authentic voices and make a difference. Thus, the site is aimed at “women who weren’t born yesterday” yet who are unerringly looking forward to tomorrow.