What keeps you awake at night: workshop

Women with insomnia look very unhappy

Do you struggle to sleep? Do you worry about sleep and feel tired all the time? Do you want to stop taking sleeping pills?

Sound like you?

Women with insomnia looking very unhappyKathryn Pinkham is hosting an afternoon workshop where you can learn how to sleep soundly.

By learning NHS recommended and hugely successful techniques, you will be able to take control of your sleep again and find a pattern which suits your lifestyle.

Places are very limited – we’re only looking for 6 people to take part in this pilot workshop.

For this reason, the cost is only £20, usually £125 – incredible value at this price, which includes the workshop itself and a telephone follow-up with Kathryn to gain your feedback and measure your progress. This is a once only offer.

The session is on Saturday 9th May 2015, from 1pm – 4pm, in Nottingham.

Kathryn PinkhamKathryn will contact you to understand your existing sleep patterns and to make sure we offer the session to those who will benefit the most.

If you’d like to take part let us know by emailing contact@henpicked.net with your telephone number and we will be in touch.


You can find out more about Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for insomnia by visiting www.sleep-therapy.co.uk.

Here’s Kathryn’s article: What keeps you awake at night?

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