What is a MenoClass?


If you’ve never heard of a MenoClass, read on… it could change the way you exercise forever.

MenoClassHave you ever been to a keep fit class and felt like you’re the only one who can’t keep up / goes the wrong way / looks silly? The likelihood is that you’ll never go back. You convince yourself that exercise is for those who are already fit, young and toned. It’s another nail in the exercise coffin and reinforces everything you feared. Which is why we’ve launched our MenoClass.

You’re not alone in feeling out of place. Four in ten women are not active enough to get the health benefits of exercise and there are plenty of reasons – or excuses – why.

This Girl Can launched their Fit Got Real campaign to specifically reach out to women who feel left behind by traditional exercise. They found that women are put off physical activity due to a fear of judgement: “…this might be about the way they look when they exercise, that they’re not good enough to join in or they should be spending more time on their families or other priorities.”

More about the MenoClass

When you add menopause into the equation, the barriers to exercise can often seem insurmountable. At MenoHealth, we decided to run some focus groups. The women who came to these told us they lacked motivation and confidence or just felt too tired to exercise. The majority wouldn’t even consider going to a gym.

Menopause happens to coincide with some pretty big life changes and multiple responsibilities. Little wonder that time is short and motivation to exercise is lacking. You’re coping with work, children flying the nest, relationship demands and ageing parents. Add menopausal symptoms into the mix and it’s little wonder so few of us are working out when we just want to lie in.

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Even though we all know we should do more exercise, it just slides down the ‘to do’ list. Everyone and everything else always takes priority. So the first step you can take towards a more active, healthier life, is to change your mindset.

Your health should be at the top of the list. The small amount of time you invest in this, every day, will pay dividends on how you feel now and how you age. If you stay strong and well then you can continue being the superwoman that everyone relies on. Think of this as your daily dose of exercise medicine.

Given that menopause can last for several years, we have to find a way to make our exercise medicine more palatable. This is why we developed MenoClass, which is far more than just an exercise class. It helps women to come together to socialise and exercise in a safe, non-judgemental environment. You can workout at an intensity and pace to suit you and it includes all the elements you need in one class to save you time.

What to expect

Each session includes a 15-minute discussion on topics such as weight gain, HRT, libido, brain fog and anxiety, with the aim of busting those menopause myths. Talking, sharing and supporting each other helps everyone to realise they are not going through menopause alone.

This is followed by 45 minutes of fabulous fitness routines to great music and exercises which can be done at one of three levels. There’s no complex choreography. But the routines ensure you get a full workout for heart health, some impact for boosting bones, mat work for core strength and muscle tone, balance work and stretches to keep aches and pains at bay. All followed by a mindful cool down.

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Margaret came along to a MenoClass to support her sister but was very reluctant to exercise as she was suffering with joint pain, much of which was due to menopause. After six weeks the pain had improved to such an extent that she bought some new exercise gear and hasn’t looked back since. She says “There’s such a great feeling of support, understanding and most of all fun. I can tell I’ve had a workout but without the aches and pains. I really enjoy myself!”

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