What every woman needs to write: a love letter to yourself

Love letter

A love letter to the most important person in your life…

Love letterEveryone’s life is like a tricky roller-coaster. You never know what’s waiting behind the next curve, or when you’re going to be up or down. Holding it together and making through what life throws at you can sometimes seem hard. In moments such as these, you have to learn how to get the emotional support that you need. And the person that’s going to give you that support is no one else but yourself.

Giving yourself the energy, motivation, and belief you can do it is what every woman needs to do. One of the best ways to communicate with your inner self is to write a love letter. Address it to yourself and read it out loud.

Here’s how to write a love letter to yourself.

You are loved

One of the most important things that we all need to work on is self-love.

We often tend to criticise ourselves and emphasise the flaws we feel we have. This way, we’re making ourselves feel weak and underappreciated.

However, self-love is the most important type of love that every woman needs so work on it daily.

Start your letter by telling yourself:

  • I love you.
  • You are loved.
  • My love for you is strong, real, and it’s never going to go away.

Let yourself know you’re always going to love you, no matter what happens, what you do or how you change.

You are unique

We live in a society that sets the expectations high.

We spend hours looking at social media, admiring other people’s lives and feeling less worthy than the rest. Often, we try to live our lives the way everyone else is, just to fit the mould.

And, in all that confusion, we start feeling like we’re not good enough or we need to change who we really are.

Make sure you don’t let this happen to you, by telling yourself:

  • You are unique.
  • Don’t let anyone make you feel like you have to hide your true self.
  • Don’t be afraid to be different.

It’s important that you feel free to look, behave, speak, and act just the way you feel you should.

You are strong

Hardships are inevitable and we’ve all had our fair share of ups and downs.

Being able to continue fighting is one of the most important characteristics of a strong woman. Don’t start doubting yourself.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Remind yourself about the things you’ve overcome.
  • Tell yourself how proud you are of the strength you’ve shown.
  • Write about self-belief.

Be your own support in the attempt to move forward.

You’re accomplished

Sometimes, we need to remind ourselves just how great and successful we are.

There’s nothing wrong with being proud of your accomplishments. You’ve earned your success and you have the right to feel great about it.

Tell yourself just how great you are and write about:

  • Your accomplishments
  • Successes you’ve had at work, marriage, parenthood, or relationships
  • The goals you’ve reached

Remember all the things that you’re proud of and write about them openly.

You’re not perfect

Setting the bar high for ourselves can be both inspiring and damaging for our mental health.

If we expect too much from ourselves, we might get stressed out, anxious, and disappointed.

This is why your love letter to yourself needs to address the imperfection we all carry within us. Nobody’s perfect and that’s OK.

Tell yourself:

  • You’ll make mistakes.
  • You’ll fail to achieve all your goals.
  • You won’t be at your best in every moment of your life.
  • That is perfectly fine.

Accept your vulnerabilities and imperfections and let them be a part of you.

You are worthy

Your life is worthy. Just by you being you, you’re bringing something into this world that nobody else has.

You need to understand that the things we do, or the things we don’t do, aren’t the measurement of how worthy our life is.

You are you, and that’s all that matters.

So, tell yourself just that:

  • You’re important.
  • You matter.
  • You’re worthy.

Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

You love your life

Finally, you need to make the statement about why your life is worth living and enjoying.

Close your eyes and think about the best moments of your life. Then write down everything that makes your life better, and happier:

  • Friends you love
  • Music you can’t live without
  • Your pet
  • The park that you love sitting in
  • Food you enjoy
  • The love that you feel and want to share

Give yourself a quick review of all the amazing things you have the privilege to enjoy and experience. Make sure those things remind you just how great life can be and how many things you have to fight for.

This will make your love letter to yourself final.

It will help you get the energy and motivation that you need.

Time to get writing…

Writing a love letter to yourself may seem like a strange idea at first. But, once you start doing it, you’ll feel a surge of inspiration and energy that you’ll want to cherish. Grab a piece of paper and a pencil and start writing.

Use the guidelines from above to write your own, unique letter to yourself. Keep it somewhere safe and read it whenever you feel down. practice what you preach in that letter and work on loving yourself from the bottom of your heart.

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