Two become one….

We’re delighted to announce that Henpicked and totally4women have joined together creating one of the UK’s largest, fastest growing communities for women over 40.

Together we’ve launched a bigger, better new website, supporting our dynamic communities and creating a vibrant, welcoming place for women to find inspiration through their shared stories, advice and support, or just a chat.

Totally4women logoTotally4women was founded by the late, great Carolyn Lazarus in 2012 and her legacy of reaching out to all women in a kind and compassionate manner lives on through this new site.

Her vision, passion and determination helped to raise the profile of women’s issues and provided a wonderful, welcoming community for women everywhere. Carolyn was truly a remarkable, inspirational lady.

Henpicked logoHenpicked started in 2013 as a place for women to share their wisdom and offer guidance, advice and top tips on a wide range of topics.

What’s new?

Lots, and lots more to come. For a start there’s now over 1,500 articles and over 300 women writing them. The site is updating daily so there’s always something new to find, and our new Disqus option at the bottom of all articles makes it easy to leave a comment.

Or join the book club for a chat about our selected book. Volunteer to be a champion for our first book ‘How to Build a Girl’ – ten champions a month get the book free.


Thank you!

We love the way women come together and share what they know to help other women. Life really is better when you share.

For those who are already part of our community, thank you! If you’re not yet, please join us, we’d love to meet you.

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We wish you a fabulous bank holiday weekend!

Deborah, Kay, Imogen, Gayle, Maggie and Caroline

Deborah Garlick

About Deborah Garlick

I'm the founder of Henpicked. I love reading the wonderful stories and articles women send us - I read every one. I've learnt so much and hope others enjoy them too. I believe life's about being happy and that we're here to help one another. And that women are far wiser than they often realise, so let's stop putting ourselves down. I'm passionate about helping women live better lives by educating on the facts about menopause. I'm a menopause trainer at Henpicked: Menopause in the Workplace and one of the authors of Menopause: the change for the better.