Tri-dosha massage oil

Woman enjoying a massage

Tri-dosha massage oil turns out to be a treat for the whole family.

Woman enjoying a massageI have a bottle of rather lovely Tridosha massage oil. That’s the good news. The bad news is that I’m having to share it. Not just with my husband, but also with my teenage girls and even my friend Nina who happens to be staying. We are watching a film, and they are queueing for the next massage slot. We don’t do TV dinners in our house but it looks like TV massages might take off.

They all like it. They all like it a lot. (“Mum, can we have massages?”) It’s a worry because I like it a lot too, and want it to last. It’s a good job it’s the kind of oil that seems to go a long way. Even though everyone in the house is in on the act, there’s plenty left. And that’s not because I’m being stingy, though I am being careful not to waste a drop. The oil just glides across your body for miles. It smells good too. Really good.

Sunita's parents

Sunita’s parents

I love the backstory, which is also a family affair. Tri-dosha is produced by Sunita Passi. Sunita’s grandfather was an Ayurvedic doctor in a village in the Punjab.

A number of the Tri-Dosha products were developed from recipes in the old pharmacology books, which were salvaged from his Ayurveda clinic. Sunita’s parents, who have a life-long understanding of Ayurveda, rigorously test, refine and perfect new products.

The oils are designed not just to smell and feel good, but to help us rebalance our energies. So is my Tridosha massage oil working? The problem with assessing the efficacy of any treatment is that these things never occur in isolation.

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So I can’t say with any scientific certainty that the oil is improving my well-being. However, I once had the most fantastic Ayurvedic massage at The Clover Mill, using this oil, and I felt fantastic for a long time afterwards. And I feel good right now.

My Tri-dosha massage oil is certainly inducing a warm glow in mind and spirit. And as an added bonus, it has become a surprise new source of closeness with two teenage girls.