Transforming spring catwalk trends into everyday wear

Montage of the style looks for Spring 2017

I always get a little giddy when I see the up-and-coming season’s trends, whether it’s through the runway visuals and editorials or via the write ups from people in the FROW. That’s the front row to us lay folks.

Pantone swatch of colour palette for Spring 2017

Spring is in the air and here are the colour trends for the season…

It’s important for me to have a grasp on what’s hot so that I have an idea of what to expect on the high street.

Of course not everyone is interested in bra tops or waist cinchers, but I do think there are always some elements of the season’s trends that can be adapted to a broader range of personality.

For me, it’s about finding workable items that are a little less crazy which we can wear with a lot more confidence. I don’t see why trends should just be seen on more youthful frames. I for one will always find something I like and make it my own, my way, my style.

So on this note I have had a looksy at the main themes, prints, key pieces and colours and decided to find the ones I think have major wearability points.

See if anything appeals to your inner voice. By the way that’s the style voice that shouts rock chick, floral queen or smart and sexy, not the crazy one that shouts put that third piece of cake down or one more tequila won’t hurt! (That’s mine I think).

Let’s do the time warp again…the 70s meet the 80s

So, the 70s threads continue to blow around this season, still in the form of retro geometric prints you’d have seen on front room walls way back, but this time with the added dash of greens or yellows. A great blouse worn with a block colour separate mirrored in the print tones the busyness down a bit if you’re a tad print shy.

The folky embroidery seen last season becomes a little more tapestry floral, particularly in dresses and skirts, and the emergence of corduroy as opposed to velvet will be one to watch.

However, don’t think for one moment it’s all geography teachers and patched elbows, we’re talking serious tailoring peeps in lush colours… no beige in sight.

Fringing makes another comeback too, this time on shoes such as loafers, sandals and heels, as well as creating interest on separates, so swish away.

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The 80s are making noise too on the high street…

Spring 2017 fashionFor all you Dynasty lovers, there’s an interest in ruffles, shoulder power (big, off and fancy) and kitten heels and for the more rebellious genre, we have slogan tees, sheer fabrics and a bit of midriff on offer. Okay, I admit, they all sound a ‘no-go’ when all worn together, but trust me when I say, taken in moderation and by choosing one key element, it can create that little update you’ve been looking for.

The brands have gone a little logo crazy, so if like me, you feel it’s a bit crass to have a brand emblazed across your chest, then try something more subtle or go total rock chick and don a band t-shirt instead. I’ve found a funky one looks great with a biker jacket, a soft luxe neutral bomber or blazer paired with fitted jeans, heels or flats.

Now there aren’t any shell suits thank goodness, but there’s a strong-but-chic relaxed nod to the athletic leisure look but in a more luxurious style, with soft tailored cuffed trousers and cool cotton layering finished off with metallic neat pumps.

So come on… show a bit of your inner teen this season, you know she’s in there trying to shed the winter woollies.


Spring 2017 fashionPink is mahoosive, from pastel pink hair to bright fuchsia suits, the future looks rosy. You’ll see a lot of colour combinations with it too, red being a favourite, followed closely by khaki.

Yellow makes a summery injection to big up the warm earthy tones of greens and oranges, and whites clean the way in shirt dresses, shoes and light knits.

If you haven’t heard yet, pantone have offered up their annual hue with the genius name ‘greenery’ which is in fact a green (doh) so this will be trickling onto the high street no doubt to welcome spring in.

The bright fantastic pallet will be in abundance this season, let’s hope the sunshine is too, goodness knows we need some mood enhancement after all the winter gloom.

The neutrals will be khaki, grey and navy bound to back up those brights, but don’t worry if you’re more a lover of black, it will always be faithfully hanging around.

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Prints and texture

Spring 2017 fashionI would definitely say that the big hitters will be big spots, wide stripes and gingham this year, which is great for adding a touch of personality to your wardrobe. Patterns are perfect for drawing attention to assets as well as their scales being useful to flatter various frames; remember, larger frames are harmonised by larger prints and the more petite with smaller-scaled varieties.

Please don’t automatically run for the exits when you see stripes, they don’t necessarily mean they’ll optically widen you, it does depend on the colours used and the spacing of the stripes. Obviously, vertical lines are more favourable but don’t dismiss the horizontal if you’re tall or straight up and down. Also, they can remedy unbalanced proportions in a jiffy. For example, If you are heavier on the bottom and have narrower shoulders, a horizontal Breton stripe top with a block-colour bottom is a saviour, trust me.

The tribal and tropical theme is also present to brighten your mood with palm prints, birds, zebra and other colourful animal print to get you in the holiday mood. Pass me the holiday brochures!

Being able to see through to your under garments seems to be ‘totes’ popular, but take heed, it’s not always a good look if you can see nipple-age or under-crackers.

Yes ‘sheer’ is indeed chic if done correctly, but if you don’t fancy it, you can show some skin by wearing crochet lace knit tops, meshed-effect skirts or perhaps a chiffon layer, panel or even a sleeve with slits. Anything with large amounts of torso flesh on show, I strongly advise that you team with a good neutral ‘under layer’ in the form of smooth vests to avoid peekage.


Now being a lover of all things accessory, I’ve always believed them to be the heroes of the outfit finisher. They can update your look instantly, whether it be a handbag, a shoe or a piece of bling and of course it means you don’t have to invest in a whole new wardrobe to keep up with the times. So if like me, you like to add a bit of a trend to your trusted garments then this bit’s for you.

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In the bling stakes, we still have rose gold as a favourite but also with the introduction of beige gold and this looks great if you like to layer jewellery, whether it be bracelets, necklaces or rings. Mix it up…

Feathers and all things plumage related are being seen as a talking point in both hair and jewellery and big earrings are definitely the ‘thang’. If you do choose a statement pair to love up your lobes, then keep any necklaces very simple or choose adornments to wear elsewhere so as not to detract from their splendour. Too much going on around your face leaves people struggling to focus and likely induces headaches lol.

The flat form remains popular in the ‘pool slider’ – that’s a flip flop to us normal folk – and sandals get strappy this summer with lots of metallic and hot colour combos. I’ve noticed that the heels remain blocked (phew) which is good for the shapely calf but the kitten heel is making a comeback, which is honestly better suited for the more delicate of leg.

For you bag lovers out there, it’s a total play on size this season, from the tiny and impractical to the giant totes and quirky bucket bags. Pastel greens, yellows and navys are rife with all the gorgeous print themes I’ve mentioned to boot! I would say that you clutch your purse strings tightly when entering any handbag section as the choice will be seriously overpowering and will give any ‘bagaholic’ proper palpitations.

As ever, these are just a few of my observations and there will no doubt be a few scatterings of micro-trends as we move towards the warmer days but it’s always handy to know what you can expect to see.

So go forth and rummage through your wardrobe and jot down what needs updating, reviewing or adding to, in order to keep the retail therapy flowing and allow for savvy purchasing.

I’ll leave you now, as I head off to research what autumn and winter has to offer… yes I am that sad! Bye for now!


I’m an image consultant which means I get to help women look and feel great – it’s my dream job! I became tired of seeing so-called ‘perfection’ portrayed in the media, and it’s my aim to help women feel confident whatever their body shape. You can find out more about how I can help you by visiting my website.