Top tips to make your big day memorable 

Groom and bride holding hands on beach at sunset

“When you realise you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” —When Harry Met Sally

Groom and bride holding hands on beach at sunset


Is your wedding around the corner?

There must be a lot on your mind. Should you go for a destination wedding? Should you consider an open bar? Should you invest in an event photo booth hire?

We understand. The questions are endless and perhaps you are in search of tips that can help you plan your wedding in a better way.

Here are top tips to make your big day memorable:

It’s all about the space 

To make your wedding day more grand, make sure that you invest in space. You can consider booking a farmhouse or going to the countryside. You can find attractive deals especially when there is more availability. However, if the wedding season is going on, you will have to spend more. Keep that in mind and try to book at least months in advance.

Go for an event photo booth hire 

Your wedding is one day that should not only be memorable for you but also for everyone else around you. Arrange for a wedding event photo booth hire which will allow the guests to have fun time while they are also captured in your wedding memories. When it comes to photo booth hire, you will have plenty of options. Pick the one that caters to your taste and is also affordable at the same time.

Opt for an Open bar 

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If you have rented an open space, you can easily arrange for an open bar. While this option will demand money, it will add an element of style to your wedding.

Hire a DJ service 

Any wedding celebration is incomplete without a good DJ service. But before you avail a DJ service, find out about the quality of equipment they use, check their playlists. Ask them if they can arrange for the music that suits your taste. Check their feedback online and make a final decision only if their track record has been great. You really would not want to go wrong with the DJ hire. Believe us.

Choose a nice caterer 

Spend some time to decide the menu for your wedding. Get quotes from various catering services. If you are planning to serve booze, choose food items that contain considerable amount of carbohydrates so people can easily sober up after drinking. You don’t have to splurge on deciding a cuisine but make sure that the guests do not complain about the taste or availability of food.

Surprise performances 

The key to keeping your guests engaged is through entertainment. Keep short, surprise performances to add a wow factor to the wedding. You can arrange for a small screenplay to tickle their funny bone or get your family members to dance together. Bring a charm by involving the aged members of the family.

Are you in favour of a cake?

Everything is in place but you forgot the cake? While some of you may prefer to skip this part, you can actually go creative with this aspect. For example, you can get a cake whose theme is based on the interests of both the bride and the groom or you could simply surprise your other half with a flavour of their choice (even if you completely hate that flavour yourself).

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Have a planned seating arrangement 

It is best to have a planned seating arrangement especially if you have picked an open space for your wedding. This helps prevent inconvenience for the guests and makes their life much easier.

Give small, neatly packed gifts

You really don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket here. Consider gifting small items like cute keychains or simply wrap and gift a picture from the wedding. Your guests will definitely appreciate this small gesture.

Keep it short, simple and sweet 

Try to keep the wedding ceremony as brief as possible. While you may be romanticising your wedding ceremony, people might get bored. Plan it in a way that the guests also have a fun time. The simpler the ceremony, the sweeter memory it will make for you and your close ones.


For all the people whose wedding bells will be ringing soon, the above tips will definitely come in handy while planning the big day. To ensure that everything goes as per plan, invest a good amount of time in the preparations.

After all, these memories are going to stay with you for life.