Top tips for healthy, hydrated winter skin

Winter. The cold weather can leave your skin looking and feeling dry.

Winter skin: mature women using moisturiserSo how to stay hydrated in the face of the moisture-sapping winter weather? There are actually lots of ways – all of which will leave you feeling fresh faced with very little effort.

Keep on cleansing

Late nights may tempt you into skipping this step but please don’t go to bed with your make-up on. Our skin regenerates while we sleep, so we need to give it maximum nutrients overnight.

Use cream cleansers or balms that are also eye make-up removers – and apply with clean fingers. By massaging the cream/balm all your make-up, including on your eyes, will dissolve.

The creamy cleansers are also very hydrating, so your skin will get some deep toning and moisturising, making a nice hydrating base for your next skincare product.

Top tip: avoid wipes or alcohol-based cleansers as they can dry your skin.

Healthy hydration

Central heating, air-conditioned clubs and restaurants and cold weather all leave your complexion dry and dull. Protect your skin with topical antioxidants, rich moisturisers and serums to repair, heal, nourish and smooth your skin.

Top tip: don’t be afraid of using oil as a base for your foundation, as it will make your skin radiant. And use oil-based products for an additional top-up for an extra-glowing complexion.

Emepelle seasonal saleLook after your eyes

Tired eyes, dark circles and puffiness are all signs of a hectic festive season. To keep them looking fresh, you need to religiously use moisturising and deep hydrating antioxidants and peptide-based eye creams.

Top tip: try using an eye cream as a mask. Apply thick layer and leave it on for 10 minutes. Wipe away any excess cream. Finish by giving your eyes a little massage to encourage circulation, which helps to prevent dark circles.

Update your skincare routine

Your skin changes with the seasons, so what works in summer won’t be as effective in winter. It’s the season of giving, so why not gift yourself a nice, rich moisturiser that will help boost your hydration levels throughout the whole of winter.

Top tip: look for antioxidant-based skincare that repairs, protects and evens your skin.

Small changes with a big difference. Taking a little extra time to keep your skin protected and hydrated throughout the winter months will pay dividends, as you banish that grey, dull complexion and welcome fresh, glowing skin.

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