Top shoe buying tips

Collection of female shoes on wooden floor.

Everyone loves shoes, and it is not just me saying that. The average woman owns 27 pairs, and men are catching up fast. Typically, they own 12 pairs.

Collection of female shoes on wooden floor.Comfort is paramount

When it comes to buying shoes, top of your list of priorities has to be comfort. You really need a pair that you can wear all day if necessary. There really is nothing worse than wearing shoes that hurt your feet. Once they start aching it is hard to ignore, and stay cheerful.

The only exception to this rule is if you know for certain that you are only going to have to be in the shoes for an hour or two, or will not have to walk far. Then you may be able to get away with wearing footwear that is not primarily built for comfort.

Quality matters

Whenever possible, buy good quality sandals and shoes. They will last longer, look better and are normally more comfortable to wear. If you buy well made footwear over time you will actually save money. You can easily replace the soles and heels, as they wear out.

Get your feet re-measured regularly

Most of us think that our feet stop growing during early adulthood. To a large extent this is true. However, they do change shape as you age.

Generally speaking, the older your feet start to spread, which means that your feet get wider. They can also get longer as the tendons and ligaments stretch out and the arch of your foot becomes less pronounced. You can read more about this effect here.

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Also, the type of activities you take part in can change the shape of your feet. All of this means that you need to have your feet re-measured every few years, as you age. It is the best way to make sure that you do not end up wearing the wrong size footwear.

Classic styles are best

It is always fun to follow the latest trends, and there is certainly no harm in buying the latest style of shoes. However, it is also a good idea to include classic shoes in your collection.

They have a timeless quality, and, over the years, you will end up wearing them a lot. For example, a woman can wear a classic pair of court shoes with all kinds of outfits, and for many different events. For a man a pair of leather brogues can easily be paired with a suit for work, or worn with chinos or chinos, at the weekend.

If you are on a limited budget it is these classically styled shoes that you want to save up for, so that you can buy a good quality pair. They will turn out to be an excellent investment.

Consider versatility

For a special event, like a wedding, there is no harm in buying a special pair of shoes. It does not really matter that you may not be able to wear them again. After all, you can always sell them after the event to recoup some of your money.

However, the majority of the shoes you buy should be versatile enough to be worn with several different outfits. This ensures that when you go to the wardrobe you will always have plenty of choice.

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