Tired or stressed? Need to relax?

Avro Part

Stuart Charters suggests a piece of modern classical music by Arvo Pärt as a remedy

Arvo PartThe answer may lie in a beautiful piece of modern classical, minimalist music by an Estonian composer named Arvo Pärt. There are various renditions but perhaps the best is on the ECM record label best known for (arguably) the crispest of precision recordings of both Classical and Jazz.

The piece itself, entitled ‘Spiegel Im Spiegel’ is beautifully relaxing in its simplicity either to doze to on a Sunday afternoon or just de-stress after a bad day. Those of you conversant with the ‘Raindrop Prelude’ by Chopin may be reminded in feel of that piece but, as with any good art work, it will be different things to different people. The piece is quiet and reflective and so should be listened to in that sort of environment (certainly not ‘driving’ music)! Not all Arvo Pärt work would come with the same recommendation, indeed as with many modern composers he can incorporate some dissonance in to his music but within the esoterics there are some gems to be found.