Smartphone security: top tips while traveling

Data protection and security important information in your mobile phone, Woman hand using smartphone and icon key on shield

Your smartphone security is critical during your long-distance travels or at any time. Here are tips to secure it when you are traveling.

Data protection and security important information in your mobile phone, Woman hand using smartphone and icon key on shieldTo a modern 21stcentury person, their smartphone is their life, and not just another tool for life and that is why they carry it anywhere they go.

Therefore, travel advisors at  are pleased to share with you some of the tips you need to secure your smartphone while traveling abroad.

The reason is that thugs are on the loose to extract sensitive information from these tools to conduct their criminal activities. Here is how you should secure it while on a tour.

Don’t be fooled by paid Wi-Fi

While traveling abroad, it is very easy to get tempted to log into Wifi connections in public places. The temptation is complicated when some of those hotspots require you to pay for them. This fee may seem to indicate that the connection is safe even though when it is not. You should avoid all such connections whether you are paying for them or not because you could expose your phone to hackers lurking within the network.

Update your software

To secure your smartphone while on a trip, you should update your software before leaving.  This measure is your first line of defense since every latest release of the software provides you with an extra layer of security against the all the previous security threats. It is necessary to do so at least one week before you travel. You can do this by checking your Apple or Google Stores for any updates to the software you are using on your smartphone.

Shun insecure Wi-Fi access

We are all familiar with the usual free Wi-Fi access points we encounter everywhere. You can get them on trains, public vehicles, and even airports. If you want to remain safe, you should shun all these connections. It does not matter how strong the temptation is, it is better to pay for your own data bundles than risk logging into an insecure system that will cost you sooner than later.

Backup your data

Another way of securing your smartphone when traveling is backing up your data. It is necessary to backup your contacts, photos, and other sensitive information to avoid inconvenience should you lose your phone. This way, it will be easy to recover your data after recovering the phone or replacing it.

Turn off location tracking on Apps

You should also secure your smartphone by turning off all location-tracking apps. Most of these apps want your location because they sell that information to advertisers to target their adverts. However, many of them aren’t being totally honest when they say it’s to “improve your user experience.” Therefore, it is needful to deactivate these settings to maintain your privacy and that of your smartphone while abroad.

We have updated you with what you should do to secure your smartphone while traveling abroad. We believe you will use these insights to improve your next travel experience and make it safer for your digital life line—your smartphone.