Tips for a career change at 40

Fancy a career change?

 Life shouldn’t be just about one adventure, but a string of exciting journeys and experiences. The same can be said about our career – why have one when you can have a handful? It is even estimated that most people will switch careers between five and seven times throughout their life.

Yet, most of these new first-days happen in our younger years when we have the time and fewer commitments to retrain or upskill. After 40, it is somewhat more difficult – but not impossible!

Read on to discover the top tips for women over 40 to change careers and how to utilise their current skills that only life experience brings.

 Learn how to use job sites correctly

Us over 40s know something that the fresh-faced grads of today do not, and that is a world without internet. This can be a positive in lots of areas of life – see networking below – but it can be a negative when it comes to job sites. 

Most job searches today are completed on the internet. A Leicester local will search for jobs in Leicester on Jobrapido and instantly be matched with local roles. However, there is more to it than that. Over 40s who have not used job sites often need to know how to use them correctly, including but not limited to:

  • Making your CV public
  •  Filtering roles
  • Using accurate and varied search terms to get more relevant hits
  • Finding the best sites

The online course solution

 Online courses have become a godsend for working mums, busy grans and anyone that is short on time and tied up with commitments. They allow us to retrain and gain recognised qualification on our own terms. They are perfect for anyone still working but seeking a new challenge. Instead of having to hand in your notice, you can keep your salary coming as you rev the engine on a new career.

 Embrace voluntary work 

Over 40s that have been working for an extended period are more likely to be financially stable. This offers a level of freedom that younger workers wanting to change careers are not granted. Whereas some people may have to try and work two jobs to retrain, those in a healthy financial position can often reduce hours to dedicate more time to seek a new job.

 Put your financial freedom and time to good use!

Network to your advantage 

Millennials may be able to explain blockchain technology in a flash or crunch big data numbers instantly, but all of their technical abilities are reportedly coming at a cost. It is suggested that millennials’ soft skills and emotional intelligence is being hindered by technology.

 Although this is a worry for the whole of society, it does give older job seekers an advantage. Over 40s will have introduced themselves to colleagues and business partners more times, shaken more hands in boardrooms and have enhanced their social skills much further.

You can use this to your advantage when competing for a new career with younger people. These skills help you to network more effectively at conferences or similar events.

Consider these reasons why you can land a new career and a new life path after 40!

Katherine Rafter

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I'm a successful entrepreneur and mother. I started off my career as an accountant, which provided the opportunity to build my now vast experience in business and more importantly, people. I now spend my time offering guidance to start-ups, helping others through invaluable interviews and articles, as well as relaxing with my family.