Time to change your style?

Do you ever wonder what your style should be now you are getting older?

(Definitely not Helen)

(Definitely not Helen Bowering)

“Mutton dressed as lamb” is a familiar phrase

My view is don’t worry, follow a few simple rules and this will never be said about you:

  • Never show too much cleavage, too much leg or too tight clothes – these are the only rules you should follow
  • You should wear clothes that suit your figure nothing is worse than bulging flesh or sagging tummies

Once you have this sussed there are a few things that I consider each season:

  • Look at trouser shapes – it is easy to up date your wardrobe with the latest trouser shape – ankle skimming suits all ages
  • What length are tops and which go with the trousers
  • Shoes – you may not want towering heels but you can follow through the shape – pointy toes, small platforms, chunky heel or flat brogues
  • Look at skirt lengths – short then wear over trousers or leggings when longer make sure it is the fashion length not something that you wore ten years ago
  • Don’t underestimate accessories – big or small necklaces, large or small handbags, rings and bracelets

Style is everything fashion is transient but that doesn’t stop you wanting to consider elements which provide both.

Remember that casual can be fun. You can spot an older person who comes into the room dressed for a wedding when the fashion is casual:iStock_000028627472Small ia

  • Add some heels to your jeans
  • Add a suit jacket to jeans and flats
  • Scarves provide colour and style
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These are my tips. And whilst skinny jeans are not flattering (in my opinion) unless you are size 8 and under 30, a top covering the bottom allows you to feel good at any age.