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As we become women of a certain age, don’t we want to be more authentically ourselves and less what others expect us to be?

Stylish accessories I know I do.

However, we might resist taking chances with our wardrobes because of real or imagined criticism, much of it remaining in our minds from early childhood, when many girls were taught to play down their appearance in order to fit in.

We need to stop trying to please parents and teachers, who, in many cases, are long dead, and other people who are alive, but too busy pursuing their own activities to judge us.

And so what if they are judging us, like bosses are wont to do? Even when your profession requires you to conform to a dress code, you usually can get away with a little originality in your wardrobe.

As we mature, we need to consider tweaking our style. I often run into women who tell me they had their colors “done.”

“When?” I ask.

“Oh, in my twenties, when I started to work.”

There’s no reason to believe that having your colors done 20, 30, or more years ago will last a lifetime. It doesn’t. We change over time. At the very least, our hair color changes – either naturally or by artifice! Colors that were off limits to you in the past might look smashing on you now, and vice versa.

Lately I’ve been on a bit of a color crusade, urging women not to hide behind black clothes.

Stylish orange jacketYou don’t have to go (what my mother used to call) “hog wild,” but how about introducing an unexpected color into that all-black outfit? If you’re timid, you could start with a pair of bright socks or shoes.

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Or, perhaps a neon handbag or necklace. Consider any touch that could add a little verve (remember that word from long ago?) to your outfit. Even if you’re not a senior citizen, take a look at how these older women liven up an outfit with the injection of a single color or two into an otherwise black outfit.

Patterned, stylish pantsAnd you know, it doesn’t even have to be color that enlivens your look. Wake up your outfit with a surprising detail. The other day a friend of mine was wearing a charcoal grey hoodie. Nothing special about that, right?

Well, the hood and all along the zipper down the front were trimmed with tightly pleated, one-inch ruffles. What a delightful, eye-catching twist they were.

Buy an inexpensive version of an item to try out. See how you like it. Notice how your spouse, kids, friends, and colleagues react. But bear in mind that sometimes those nearest to us can feel a bit threatened by the changes we decide to make in our lives.

So you need to have the courage of your convictions. Go with your own opinion! There’s a lot of very good advice out there, as in Stylish At Any Age, right here on Henpicked.net. It’ll to help you loosen up those style “rules” you adopted decades ago and have followed ever since.

Isn’t it time we shook things up a bit?

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