Three ways to know if you are buying designer or knockoff…

designer or knockoff

How high-quality are your purchases?

designer or knockoffEspecially during the holiday season, the average consumer wants to stay in the know about the quality of his or her purchases. They want to know that the items they buy come from the companies whose stock they watch and follow on Analyst Ratings Network. It’s important to check holiday gifts for authenticity and class prior to purchase. There is nothing more embarrassing than buying the wrong gift. In order to ensure that your holiday gift-giving is good quality, here are three insider tricks of the trade about how to identify a real designer item versus a fake.

1. Check the emblem

Because design companies are some of the most influential business worldwide, it is illegal to print products with emblems that too closely resemble actual designer logos. You do not need a magnifying glass to notice the difference between a real designer logo and a fake.

Simply take a look at the image that is printed on the bag, jacket, sunglasses pair, or whichever item you may be inspecting for authenticity. It should not display an image resembling or closely related in appearance to the logo of your favourite designer. This logo should be the exact trademark of the designer’s brand. The colour may vary from piece to piece. But the most important part is that the lettering and the shapes in each of the designs are the same.

2. Check the designer’s website or catalogue

You can check online to see if your item is a real designer product. Perform a simple Google search for the item by describing terms such as the colour, type of product— shoe, bag, jacket—or the size. You may see results that closely resemble the apparent designer item you have in your hand. This should pull up a link to the designer’s website and will display an image identical to your piece. Additionally, you can ask for a printed catalogue to ensure the piece you are researching is truly made by said designer.

3. Examine the quality of the materials

It should be fairly easy to see and detect whether a textile product is a real or fake. The genuine designer piece will use fine materials such as silk or leather. These fabrics will be apparent through touch to be of a high quality. Genuine leather will have a scent that distinguishes it from non-authentic knock-off leathers. Silk’s texture is markedly different from satin, as it flows more gently across the hands and has a softer touch. Additionally, silk has visual cues that indicate its authenticity. This particular material has a sheen that satin can’t imitate.

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Designers simply do not make pieces out of plastic-based fabrics, poly-cotton, or satin. These types of fine production companies design their products to be made from only the fashion industry’s most sought-after materials. Bags and clothing that are made out of leather or silk are a good indicator that they are produced by a designer label.

When it comes to purchasing items for the home, clothing, or accessories, it is imperative to buy products that are made of notable quality materials and by designers who enjoy producing exceptional pieces. You will not want to come across a knock-off of a designer product in your shopping process. Keep this list to hand to establish the piece you’re buying is truly designer.

Examine the product for the designer’s exact label, not something vaguely resembling the label. Seek an identical product on the designer’s website. Assess the quality of the materials from which the product is made.

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