The top five apps for women in business

The top apps to make your life easier.

Life isn’t always easy for women in business. You have to look presentable at all times. Everyone expects empathy, but also want you to be firm and self-confident. And business is just one part of your life. You’re taking care of a home and possibly a family and pets.

You’re busy, just like most women in business are.

Are you using the right apps to help you achieve more goals in less time?

The top five apps for women in business

1. Asana

This isn’t a yoga app, although that’s what most people assume when hearing its name for the first time. It’s one of the most useful apps for team management. You plan a project with all tasks that lead towards a big goal. Asana gives you a great platform for effortless planning. Then, you’ll distribute all tasks within the team, and you’ll invite all members to log in their progress inside the app.

Even if you’re dealing with a remote team, you’ll get all reports on time.

Asana is great because it enables progressive tracking of tasks. Instead of waiting for the team to complete a specific chapter and hand over a report to you, you’ll keep track of all steps along the way.

2. Awesome Note

Finding balance between their professional and private life is a big challenge for women in business. Installing the most useful apps for note taking on your phone, tablet, and computer will help. Proper planning leads to improved time management. When you list all your daily tasks, you’ll easily identify priorities. You’ll organise daily, weekly, and monthly goals in your plan.

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Awesome Note is a scheduling app, but that’s not all it does. It’s also one of the most useful apps for note taking. You get an idea as soon as you wake up? Note it down in the app! If you delay thinking about it until later that day, you’ll forget about it and you’ll lose the initial enthusiasm. Whatever ideas you get, write awesome notes about them right away.

3. Yoga with Kassandra

Your business is not your life. If you spend too much time working, you lose connection with yourself. You need some kind of practice that helps you stay in touch with your ideas, creativity, and inner values. Yoga is definitely beneficial.

This app is affordable, but highly useful. You’ll practice different styles of yoga with a certified instructor under your terms. You’ll choose a shorter or longer class to fit in your daily schedule. You can practice any time. The app has a calendar feature that helps you plan the stream of classes, so you won’t waste time choosing one every day.

4. Feedly

Staying informed is an important aspect of your work. You won’t see many women in business reading magazines and newspapers nowadays. They get all their information online. That’s a good thing. However, it’s also challenging to find authoritative sources of information, since the internet is suffocated with superficial and ridiculous resources.

Feedly helps you filter out the trash and get high-quality info from verified sources. You’ll only get news about things that interest you. Install the app and choose your niches. You’ll get daily lists of aggregated resources that keep you updated about the happenings in your industry. It’s one of the most useful apps for saving time throughout the day.

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5. Hootsuite

When you run a business, you have to be mindful about its social media presence. It’s where most of the promotion occurs. You collaborate with influencers, you engage followers in discussions, you promote new products or services… social media is a tool that connects your brand with the audience.

But when you have to run profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other platforms, this promotion takes a huge chunk of your time. Hootsuite helps you save time while achieving even better results on social media. It brings all profiles in a single platform. You can manage all pages from a centralised app, which allows you to schedule posts, respond to comments, and analyse the performance of your marketing campaign.

Here, we have suggested apps that help you achieve different goals:

  • Schedule work tasks and manage your team
  • Take notes when creativity strikes you
  • Infuse some yoga practice in your life
  • Get informed about the trends in your industry
  • Manage social media profiles

If you’re already using some of the best apps for women in business, you can share recommendations in the comments below. If you install some of the above-listed apps, we’d be happy to know what you think about them.

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