The top 6 digital marketing trends bloggers can no longer ignore

Digital marketing is becoming a big thing that is creating quite a commotion in the world of marketers.

digital marketing trends: female vlogger recording a postIt involves both strategic planning and innovative technology in a way that allows businesses to get many new potential customers.

It has become a tool that many marketers find indispensable and is a powerful way to promote brands and make them visible.

At the centre of the digital marketing phenomenon is social media, which is advancing on a very large scale and also expanding in scope with the evolution of mobile marketing.

It simply won’t do anymore to just know about the trends that were hot in the last one or more years. You need to know about the new trends coming up every year. That means knowing which trends are coming up in 2019.

With a new year comes even more heated competition in this space. Trends are changing and technology is becoming even more powerful, allowing marketers to be more specific about the results they are seeking to achieve. The whole point of digital marketing here is to make it very easy for the marketer to satisfy the customer by getting that customer what they want.

That said, here are some trends you simply cannot ignore in 2019.

1. Live video streaming

This particular form of marketing is growing in popularity every day. People simply love video content and are spending more and more of their time watching videos. As a business, that gives you an excellent opportunity to market to people using live videos. You can create live feeds that are centred on your products and services.

Consumers are very resourceful and know what they want. They know what entertains them and they are willing to look for the different things that will deliver that form of entertainment to them. As a business, you should find a way to adapt your content into a live stream that consumers in your niche can enjoy.

2. Focus on content as a unique selling policy

The market is still hungry for high-quality content. In fact, the market has a higher demand for high-quality content now than ever before. There are many advanced ideas and methods being introduced every day, but content remains king.

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It will be advantageous for your business to stick to making content that stands out, both in terms ofthe quality with which it is deliveredand also the quality of the ideas behind it. That way, your readers will be fully engaged, want to read more, and will be more likely to be influenced by that content.

3. The role of artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly involved in the digital marketing industry and many revolutions have come about as a result of that involvement. For starters, machine learning has reached a point where machines can now translate texts and recognise images with relative ease. That makes it possible to apply AI to a whole range of applications for which it was previously unavailable.

4. The role of chatbots

Chatbots are a subset of the AI revolution and are among the first applications of AI in the marketing industry.

Businesses that use chatbots for their customer service instead of real humans find it much easier to satisfy all of their customers by providing them with direct answers to all of their questions. Customers want things to happen fast. Chatbots allow you to deliver help to them instantly.

5. Personalisation

“Marketing strategies are becoming more and more personalised with time,” says John Derrick, a marketer at

Whether it is your emails, your content, or your products themselves, the trick is to focus on the customer and their needs by personalising everything for them. That will create a positive image of your brand in their eyes and also encourage them to recommend you to their friends and family.

6. Voice search

Voice search is becoming a phenomenon to watch in 2019, with utilisation of the feature being used more and more, especially among younger users. It is fun and convenient and allows for more semantic search results that are more likely to offer users what they reallywant. If you want to succeed as a marketer, you cannot ignore voice search.


As a marketer, you should always have your ear on the ground for what new thing is coming up. The industry is changing so rapidly that trends are becoming obsolete overnight and other trends replacing them immediately. The above trends are hot right now, but don’t get comfortable; the landscape could be very different in a matter of months.