The surprising benefits of winning awards

Winning awards

Winning awards can make a huge difference on both a personal and professional level.

Winning awardsWhen a job is done successfully, people seek recognition in some form or fashion. Getting a compliment or promotion, winning awards, or receiving a form of validation can act as a great motivator. Even in cases when people don’t win awards, competing can still be worthwhile. It can help people further their professional development, making them more determined and hard-working.

There are various categories when it comes to awards, from achievement, retirement, employee service, etc, and they can come in different forms depending on the category they are part of. Getting custom awards is very simple these days, and having them custom-made could increase their image and prestige. They can be trophies or plaques, be made of glass etc. The options could be endless.

Awards in a business setting

In a business setting, establishing a number of awards could come with various advantages. For one thing, it could elevate the status of the company, making it seem concerned about its employees and the jobs they are doing. However, the more important aspects are that awards could improve morale and increase loyalty.

Everyone has at one point been overlooked, even if they thought they did a good job and deserve recognition for it. This could result in indifference or burnout. It’s easy to see why not paying attention to employees can result in low morale. By having awards in place, employees can see you appreciate their work.

In addition, awards could increase loyalty. Switching jobs is always at least somewhat intimidating. But if their work is appreciated, employees are less likely to want to leave. Workers will be more loyal to a company that acknowledges them.

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Awards and beyond

Of course, it’s important to note that giving an award doesn’t simply mean giving an object. Depending on the type of award, they have to involve more, due to the fact that it could end up losing value over time.

Winning an award is a great honour. But over time, if everyone gets the chance to be an employee of the month, then it tends to lose meaning and it’s not as special anymore. It all depends on the type of award, but it could involve anything from simple small benefits to a full-blown ceremony. The message is that you appreciate the person.

Every person has different tastes, and they might be grateful for recognition without the need for ceremony. But generally speaking, some sort of benefit attached to the award could end up making it more legitimate – from financial benefits to industry-wide recognition.

Putting your company in a good position

Winning awards doesn’t only work towards improving morale or driving loyalty in a company setting. It also works towards positioning a person differently as a result of their work. The recipient be viewed differently in the industry and, as a result, be positioned to receive more offers. The awards indicate that the recipient is setting the standard for what good work and professionalism is and could sky-rocket them above their peers.

Putting the recipient and company in the spotlight

Industry-wide awards validate the work done by the recipient, but are also an honour for the company. There are types of stories about individuals who couldn’t catch a break, but then succeeded once an agency took a chance on them. Once they win an award, the agency itself is able to partake in the recipient’s spotlight.

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This validates the recruitment abilities of the company and is positioning it as “the place to be” for up-and-coming workers who are looking for a place to shine.

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