The serenity switch – 8 ways to turn your home into a palace of privacy

When we think of our family home, we want it to be a place of personal space, where we can relax, enjoy ourselves and know that we also have a place in which to feel safe – our own little bubble from the big, wide world.

Privacy is something we all want, and to know that we have a space that is away from prying eyes.

Now, here are my eight ways to make your home a palace of privacy.

1. Security screen doors

One of the best means of privacy is through security screens. There are many out there for purchase, but they don’t provide the strongest protection in the screen.

While they can be a bit pricier, their specific technology makes Crimsafe Regular Security Doors one of the best on the market.

With its mesh that is made of stainless steel and woven between aluminium, causing it to be much stronger so it is unable for someone to kick it in or rip it. So it can make you feel better that it will protect you and your family and important possessions you want kept safe.

2. Window tinting

Another great way to make the inside of your home feel more secure is through tinted windows.

The great thing about tinted glass is that it allows you to see out, while keeping the inside unknown to strangers, giving you the feeling of better protection.

3. Upgrade your lock system

One of the many ways we maintain privacy throughout our homes is through locked doors.

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One of the easiest ways for your home to be invaded by burglars or other snooping parties is by leaving doors unlocked or weak locks.

Lifehacker suggests replacing your traditional door or deadlock with electronic/digital locks, which allow you to lock your house from your smartphone, meaning no need for keys.

4. Blinds and curtains

One of the simplest ways you can add more privacy to your home is through the correct use of blinds and curtains.

Those such as automatic roller blinds can turn any room in your home into somewhere where you feel like no one else exists, while allowing in as much air and light as you want.

5. Burglar alarms

This is definitely one measure that can greatly increase your level of security and make your home safer and more of an intimate space.

A good burglar alarm system can make sure that you are more prepared than they are, and the peace of mind is priceless.

6. Make your yard private

When thinking of privacy, your outdoor areas are also a place to think about.

Julie Kim and Forbes have many tips on how you can keep out burglars and how simple landscaping, such as planting hedges, can help detract snooping and being neighbourly can keep you safe.

7. Stronger lighting

Another way to detract those who may do you harm is to have bright lighting. Investing in a good set of LED sensor lights will allow bright light at the slightest detection of movement.

This will allow you to notice those walking onto the property, whether of kind or ill intent.

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8. A peephole in the door

Installing a door viewer or “peephole” in your door is also a wonderful measure. This allows you a level of security by, as its name suggests, viewing who wants to enter your home.

You can easily pick one up from any other hardware store.

Now, there are my eight ways in which you can make your home the palace of security and privacy. Enjoy your peace and personal space.