The secret to… younger-looking brows and lashes

Closeup of beautiful woman eye with bright stylish makeup

As we get older, many of us start to notice changes to our skin and hair – and maybe start making a few changes to our beauty regimes.

Closeup of beautiful woman eye with bright stylish makeupBut one area which is often – and mistakenly – overlooked is our eyebrows and eyelashes.

Just like our skin and hair, they can become thinner and brittler, losing their colour over time.

As they grow lighter, eyebrows can start to look patchy – sometimes they even seem to disappear into our skin. You might start to notice the odd rogue, wiry eyebrow hair sticking out occasionally, too.

And once lustrous, thick eyelashes can lose their volume, length and thickness as we age.

Although we might not notice it straight away, we actually start to age in our mid-to-late 20s.  It’s often not until we hit our 30s that we start to see changes to our complexions – and this is perhaps when we decided to add an anti-ageing element to our skincare routine.

But some women simply never realise their eyebrows and lashes have aged, so don’t do anything about it. This can mean even women with the best skin and haircare regimes can still be unwittingly aged by their brows and lashes.

Help is at hand…

Don’t panic, though! There are plenty of great products and treatments which can help, hydrating eyelashes and eyebrows and keeping them looking thick, luscious and healthy.

Image of Revitash eyelash conditioner

Revitalash products here or at NKD Nottingham

Lash and brow conditioners promise to strengthen, condition and enhance the overall appearance of eyelashes and eyebrows. The best products I’ve ever found on the market for this purpose are RevitaLash and RevitaBrow. These are not cheap, but my goodness they are effective!

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Old-school beauty treatments such as eyelash and eyebrow tinting can really help, too. The brilliant thing about these treatments are that they’re among the cheapest and quickest beauty treatments still available in salons, yet they’re also the ones that can make the most dramatic and instant difference to your face.

More modern, and slightly more expensive, beauty treatments such as HD Brows and LVL Lashes can also work wonders in really enhancing your natural brows and lashes.

It doesn’t need to be hard work. But a few extra minutes here and there could give your eyes a whole new lease of life..


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