The secret to happiness is to love your life

We all know that the secret to being happy is really quite simple. Be yourself. Accept yourself as you are. Enjoy every moment in your life.

But, of course, there is a hitch.

Let’s be honest. Who of us actually does follow this advice? I know that I should accept myself as I am. But who wouldn’t like to be more beautiful and more desirable. I’m afraid my mirror shows a completely different picture…

Who among us really enjoys every moment in their life? The truth is, none of us.

Except, of course, in the illusory world of the rich and famous, where everything is always perfect. The rich and famous, these “starlets”, spend all day long being beautiful. Always perfectly made-up, with styled hair and immaculate clothing, no matter what they do or where they are.

I imagine this is, in reality, an exhausting job.

It seems that these images of the rich and famous have made many of us believe that this is the ideal. It’s constantly trying to attain this perfection that gives us low self-esteem.

But seriously, is this really what you want?

Learning to love the real you.

I am much happier if I look in the mirror in the morning and think, “Good morning, wrinkle face. You look a bit worn out today, but you’ve got all day to unfold.”

At my age I’ve worked hard at my wrinkles. Should I really be splashing out on expensive Botox to get rid of them? It took decades to create them. My body had changed over the years. So has my thinking and my attitude to life. Thank God for that.

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I have the choice. It’s up to me how I want to live, with my wrinkles or without.

Of course, plastic surgery can make many things possible. Sometimes plastic surgery is even necessary. But that’s a different topic for another day.

Nowadays, there are ‘spare parts’ enough to buy eternal youth. But it is just bought – an illusion of ‘eternal beauty’. And there is a price, sometimes very high, on both health and finances.

Taking a closer look at the life we have lived.

You cannot buy a full life. You have to live life and therein lies the difficulty. It’s something you have to do for yourself.

If you want to change something, then do it. But do it yourself and don’t let others do it for you, because no one can live your life for you.

Mature woman on a boat by an icebergPerhaps it’s time to take a closer look at ourselves.

You are unique. There is no one like you in the world.

Similar, maybe. But never identical. You do not need to change; you’re wonderful just the way you are.

Do not pressure yourself. There is nothing 100% perfect in this world and that’s good, because those little imperfect intricacies of each of us are the spice of life. Our imperfections make things interesting and add excitement to our lives.

Your uniqueness makes you adorable; your little quirks, your rough edges – these distinguish you from everyone else.

The first thing you really need to learn – and it is difficult, I practice it every day – is to love and accept yourself. Trust me, sometimes I really don´t like myself, but I try every day.

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Live your life. Determine your own path, rather than basing it on the lives of others. Be honest, and you’ll realise you have also done many good and great things, in many ways, throughout your life. You may not have always appreciated the impact you have, but that doesn’t matter. I tell you, you have done very well.

You are beautiful. Enjoy your life. Remember you have only one, and it is precious and unique. Just like you!

About Regina Heinrichsdobler

Born in Bad Griesbach Bavaria, Germany, I now live in Pocking with my two sons. I work as a Wellness and Relaxation coach and have run my own company, LIFE, for 46 years. It's a great pleasure for me when I can help other people. Whenever I have time and the opportunity I travel through the world to get to know other cultures and people. I love to read books and write. I'm still learning English so please forgive me if I make a mistake.