The meaning of dreams: Part 2

A three-part series based on the book ‘They Come Back In Dreams – A Nine-Year Study of a Family Visiting from the Other Side’.

dreamsbookPart 2

After having conscientiously written down all my dreams with real spirit contact for nine years, I felt a strong need to make a book out of them. Even though the dreams didn’t stop then and continue to this day, albeit not so frequently, it seemed the right time to collate, study and make sense of them to see what I’d learned. Mostly what I learned about the spirit world was from what I’d noticed, not from what was communicated to me.

I learned that passing over could be different for each person, depending on how prepared they were. I felt my father was more prepared and ready to pass than my mother, though he hadn’t believed in life after death beforehand. He’d had time to sort out his affairs, say everything he needed to say and also his goodbyes. I think he was ready.

However, I think my mother had a slightly different experience as I don’t think she was ready to pass when she did. I must add that, for most people, except perhaps the most truly evil, passing over is a pleasant experience and we are always met lovingly by our family, friends and guides.

There is nothing at all to fear. I just noticed with my mother, after she’d passed, that she was less prepared to let go of her earthly things and I think she was a little confused as to whether she and my dad were still married or not. I’d like to think that by now she’s understood how it is over there – that we don’t stay married to one particular person but that we are linked by love to all those we’ve ever loved. We can of course choose to spend ‘time’ with anyone we wish, as long as it’s their wish too.

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I was shown how spirits can present themselves in any way they choose, even how they looked in past lives, and also at any age during their most recent life. I once saw my parents looking even older than they ever reached in physical life!

You would think it would be strange to see your parents looking in their prime, whilst their daughter, dreaming of them, was in her late 50s! But it just seemed normal, me looking at and connecting with my parents – our ages were quite irrelevant. In these dreams I just felt I was ‘me’ and not me at any particular age. I imagine the same applied to them.

The most wonderful sight for me was seeing spirits revert to a physical-looking perfection that wouldn’t even have been achievable in life (possibly due to our environment, stresses and strains, toxins, etc.). All the spirits I’ve ever seen have at one point or another shown themselves to me in what I call their ‘spiritual glory’.

I’ll try to describe this: it’s seeing someone in their utmost prime (30 – 40 years old), totally whole (limbs restored if previously lost, eyesight too, etc.), fit, healthy, relaxed, serene, glowing, and with their body in a state of unsurpassed perfection. It’s truly wonderful to behold – and this equally applies to spirit pets!

An exception to the age rule was seeing my little brother Paddy, who died at seven, usually showing himself at that age and rarely older (some mediums have told me they’ve seen him looking older, but I haven’t, apart from once seeing him aged around twelve, when it took a few moments to recognise him).

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Paddy was born a blue baby and consequently never grew properly. He was very small, slight and blue. However, when I saw him ‘in all his spiritual glory’ he was still only seven but he was bigger, taller, stouter, totally healthy – and pink! He had never been like this in his physical life, so it’s wonderful to know that we revert to perfect health – and youth – when we pass.

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