The meaning of dreams: Part 1

A three-part series based on the book ‘They Come Back In Dreams – A Nine-Year Study of a Family Visiting from the Other Side’

dreamsbookPart 1

Although I was open-minded (but unconvinced) about life after death, my beliefs were challenged after my father died and I started to have extraordinary dreams of my passed-over family, friends and pets.

Before then I’d had a few clairvoyant readings, and a particular message in one soon came to mind – I’d been told to “write down my dreams”. At the time, I didn’t think I’d ever be drawn to doing that! However, true to what I’d been told, I did feel the need to write down these ‘spirit dreams’ when they started, as they were different from all the others I’d ever had. And so I did – for over nine years!

My father not only appeared on his own but often brought others with him. It was only after his passing that a seeming portal to the spirit world opened up for me and I was to meet again many of my passed-over relations, friends and family pets. They usually appeared crystal clear – often with eye-to-eye contact – though they did show themselves in many different ways and ages.

I could sometimes reach out and truly feel them, as if they were physically there, and hugs and kisses were often exchanged. I even felt Dad’s cold nose on one occasion and his chin stubble on several! Some incredible communications took place between us, which came in a variety of ways: a form of telepathy, using words I could ‘hear’, words that appeared in front of me as if on a screen and, probably most incredibly, hearing their actual voices and laughter just as they had been in life, although I never saw their mouths move to form words.

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I was to have some fantastic communications with some of the spirits, mainly with my father and mother, though not exclusively. Miraculously we were able to resolve some previously unresolved issues – not only mine but theirs too. The conversations were on a variety of subjects; answering a question of mine, giving me advice, sometimes warning me to be careful about something.

Whenever I mentioned these dreams to friends they asked me how I knew they were real. Good question, and until people have their own experiences and can judge for themselves, it’s virtually impossible to prove.

However, apart from the clarity with which I saw my loved ones and the feeling of really being with them once more, with the benefit of nine years’ hindsight I noticed certain intriguing consistencies. Amongst these was the fact that their appearances in the dreams (often woven into normal ones) were extremely short. Also, when several spirits appeared together they always showed themselves at the right ages in relation to one another. For example, when my Dad and Mum appeared with my little brother, they were in their forties and he was seven, which was true.

Plus, they always wore the clothes that tallied with their ages – for example, when Dad appeared as a young man dressed in army uniform (he’d left the army after WW2), and once I saw my mother wearing a long, midi-length skirt which would have been fashionable then when she was 20, her apparent age when wearing it.

During the nine-year span of the dreams I noticed that there were more dreams of a particular spirit at around the time of his/her passing. It became apparent to me that they put more emphasis on celebrating their passing-over dates rather than their birthdays!

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I’ve read that the process of death is much more pleasurable than that of being born, and I can believe it from what they’ve shown me. I noticed too that my father went very quiet (not appearing in my dreams) for some time before my mother passed, and it took him some time to reappear afterwards. I took this to mean that he was involved with preparations for her arrival over there, and was presumably helping her to settle in for some time afterwards.

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