The magic of… a mini break

woman eating a strawberry with a cup of coffee in her lap

Escaping to a secluded beach with just the right amount of shade and a tiny umbrella drink is a lovely idea, but not really practical mid week.

woman eating a strawberry with a cup of coffee in her lapBut taking flight after a frightful Friday on a mini break could be the key to a marvellous Monday, refreshing your brain and your soul, lifting your spirits from whatever worries are on your mind.

A new adventure

While jetting off the Maldives every weekend isn’t an option for many of us, mini escapes are quite reasonable. Depending on your budget, that could be anything from going to a scenic restaurant out of town and reading a book, to visiting a relaxing spa.

Taking a day trip out to any areas of interest will give you a change of scenery, help you escape, and give you time to relax. Everywhere has something new to see, or to try – there are so many museums out there, or even just a wander through the woods with a guidebook of the local flora and fauna can be time spent away from the norm.

The goal is to break your routine and do something you enjoy: it’s all about escapism. Even if for you that’s setting up a magical, fairy-themed tea party for one in your back garden!

Go on, treat yourselfWoman having a massage and smiling

Treating yourself can also be a form of escapism. Whether it’s escaping your diet for a night with some of your favourite indulgences, slipping out of work for lunch or a long walk with an ice cream and a book.

Turning small things into an adventure is great fun – like trying to find the prettiest scarf or finding the best place for pizza. It’s like a mini break for a moment.

My favourite thing to do is plan a whole day just for myself. I’ll arrange a pedicure, stock up on chocolate and pack a picnic. When everything is prepped and has been laid out, I end up having a fabulous day, full of foot massages, long walks, and a fabulously sunny afternoon.

Treat yourself for a day, or two, it feels amazing. And doesn’t have to hurt your bank balance.

Have a day at home…

If it’s possible to work from home once in a while then it’s a great way of recharging, especially if you’re working alone on a big project. And think of the commuting time you’ll save!

You can stay in your pyjamas all day and no one will know, with your hair in a big messy bun. You can enjoy a face mask as you type, make yourself a luscious lunch… you’ll be surprised how productive you can be while relaxing at the same time.

So whether you need to indulge in a little escapism or have some time away from the office, a much-needed mini break is part of recharging, reducing stress, and just generally bringing joy to your life.

Take a day, an afternoon, or even a long weekend to make yourself happy… you’ll soon find it becomes a regular part of your life.