The book project: helping the women of Nepal

Nepal is a desperately poor country and life is tough, but much tougher for women and incredibly more so for widows. If the women there do not receive any help, nothing will change and children will continue to be abandoned and ‘given-up’ by their widowed mothers.

the-book-project-nepal-234x300The idea for the book project was simple – we asked women in the UK to help women in Nepal to help themselves, simply by writing a small piece about their lives.

The final book has been written by 100 women from all over the UK. The profits (after covering production costs) will support initiatives to educate, empower, and enable Nepalese women to earn their own income.

A day in the life of 100 women in Britain is a very human ‘snapshot’ of women’s lives as lived in Britain today.
These women do all sorts of things, from jewellery-making to nursing, yoga teaching to caring for their husbands. They range in age from 18 to 95 years.

Exploring honestly and bravely all aspects of a woman’s life, the book is feisty, funny, sometimes chokingly sad, and truly inspirational.

Most importantly, this book gives so much to women and their families in Nepal. It keeps them together, puts food on their tables and a roof over their heads. It stops widows having to give away their children because they have no means to look after them, and it prevents women having to work as servants or sex workers in other lands.

Making a difference in Nepal

Archana-the-book-project-nepal-2-300x225The project is working well and already making a big difference.
We are supporting nearly 200 women (that means 200 families) in five different villages through two different initiatives – a micro-finance project with the Rotary Club of the Himalayan Ghurkas, and a medicinal herb farming project with The Mountain Institute.

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We are also enabling a radical all-female water adventure company in Nepal, HIMALAYAN ADVENTURE GIRLS, and assisting a young female doctor. Click here to find out more about the projects we support.

The BOOK PROJECT is a not-for-profit organisation