The best bathroom décor trends of 2021

bathroom trends

What’s on trend?

bathroom trendsBathrooms are personal spaces in your home. They also often a space which you want to decorate and furnish on a budget. That’s why décor trends like Scandinavian minimalism and industrial chic have been popular for years now.

The bathroom is an essential room in any home. Who wants to live in a house with an ugly or messy bathroom? Thankfully, there are many ways you can spruce up your space, from simple DIY projects like adding some colorful area rugs or painting the walls to more expensive renovations like installing new plumbing fixtures and updating the flooring. No matter what budget you’re working with, it’s never too late – or too early – to start planning for the future.

Wooden tiles for floors and walls

Wooden tiles are a popular choice for both floors and walls in the bathroom. They give off an earthy vibe that can be soothing and help maintain the room’s temperature level more easily than other materials would. If you don’t like wood, opt for wooden texture tiles or stone tiles instead. A natural, organic touch is always a welcome addition to any bathroom.


The most important fixture of any bathroom is the sink. You’ll want to make sure your bathroom sink has a spot that’s clean and dust-free where you can set your items down when you’re done washing. A clean and well-lit vanity area is a must for any bathroom, too. Moreover, rustic sinks are also a good choice. Rustic sinks come in many shapes and textures, including copper or stone materials which can lend an earthy touch to your space. There are all sorts of rustic sink ideas out there that you might not have considered before.

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Colourful interior design

If you’re looking for a more personalised bathroom design, then colourful interior décor might be the way to go. One of the best ways to add colour and texture is with wallpaper. Wallpaper borders are also an option and can add some interesting texture to your space.​

Modern bathroom design vs. traditional bathroom design

The bathroom has two main design types: modern and traditional. Modern bathrooms typically take up less space than a traditional room because they require fewer walls for separation. It makes it easier to find an unused corner of the house and turn it into a shower, bathtub, or toilet stall. Traditional bathrooms usually take up more space because they require walls for separation between each area of use in the room. They give you different options for how your bathroom will look: an open floor plan with just one wall separating areas from one another or having multiple smaller rooms.


Vanities are contemporary bathroom furniture that comes in all shapes, styles, and materials. There are many beautiful designs of vanities available to suit your space needs as well:

  • Wall-mounted with a mirror on the wall above it.
  • Vanities are made out of wood or metal.
  • Side by side, two sinks.

The most popular vanity designs use cabinetry for storage underneath.

Vanity lights

Some vanities come with built-in light fixtures, while others require separate purchase and installation. In either case, the lights need to be bright enough for grooming and provide general illumination in the bathroom when needed. The best lighting is typically fluorescent because it provides a more natural colour than inland. The bathroom is a space for grooming, so the vanity should be located near an electrical outlet.

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Bathroom rugs are perfect for both personal hygiene and décor. A bath mat is important to keep the floor dry, but a bathroom rug can make it feel less cold or hard on your feet. Bath rugs are particularly helpful in areas where you wash your hands often because they help maintain cleanliness by catching water drips from wet fingers before they reach surfaces such as the floor. If you want to give it a contemporary look, look for wool rugs with colours or patterns in the fabric.


Storage can be used to add style and storage space with cabinets and shelves. It’s best to install them on the side of a wall so as not to take up too much floor space. Floating ones are popular because you save room for walking. You can also use a freestanding vanity or wall-mounted shelves.


Lighting is important for safety and comfort, so it’s worth investing in well-lit fixtures that are bright enough but not too harsh on your eyes. Make sure they’re installed away from water sources such as pipes and taps.

When it comes to lighting, think about what you have in your bathroom and how much natural light there is before deciding about fixtures or bulbs. If space has many windows with plenty of sunshine coming through, then go for more decorative lights rather than ones that only provide functional illumination.


Towel bars or hooks are a must if your towels need an area to hang dry. A towel rack is also helpful for drying wet washcloths and bath mats right on the back of the door, so they don’t take up any floor space.

Towel hooks

Some people prefer to use one of their sinks as a towel rack, while others opt for hooks on the wall or over-the-door racks. Whatever you choose, make sure it matches your decorating style and provides functionality regarding where towels will be hung.

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Sink and mirror combinations

If you’re out for a new bathroom sink, consider one that has its mirror above it or attached to the wall next to it rather than buying two separate items. You can also get double sinks with mirrors on either side of them, so there are no blind spots.

Tile backsplash

Another important element of the bathroom is tile backsplashes on the walls, especially if they are in view from most angles, like behind the toilet or shower area. Tile backsplashes are easy to clean and won’t show water spots or grout lines like other materials.

Rattan baskets

Rattan baskets are natural. They can be used to store extra toiletries like soaps, shampoos, and conditioners. They’re also great for holding shower products like loofahs or exfoliating sponges because they don’t soak up water either.

On a final note…

There are many different styles of bathroom décor trends to choose from, but the best way to find what’s right for you is by considering your style and environment. If you love colour and want a space that feels lighthearted, there are plenty of options out there with bright colors or floral patterns.

For those who prefer minimalist spaces that feel serene, woodsy hues may be more appealing. No matter which trend interests you most, it will make sense in your home if it aligns with your taste and personality.