The Balance Procedure

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Does this sound familiar to you? You’re in a situation where you’re becoming increasingly angry, frustrated, upset or sad, until you finally reach the point where you’re no longer thinking clearly and lash out and say or do something you later wish you hadn’t.

TBP new - articleOften, it’s the same old things that wind us up and we wish we could break the pattern and behave differently, but it seems impossible.

However, I’ve recently discovered a process called The Balance Procedure (TBP), a simple technique which I think can be used by anyone and can help us to rebalance our lives.

If we are to be the best that we can be, lose old patterns of thought and behaviour, create a happy life for ourselves, then the energy flowing through us – through our mind, body and spirit – needs to be balanced. This applies no matter what we’re doing: working in an office, looking after our children, planning a wedding, studying, getting fit … balance is the key to success.

I’ve had lots of jobs over the years but my main occupation was as a teacher, trying to help children make sense of their experiences and achieve their potential. This was when I first began to actively focus on the idea that ‘we are what we think’. Every time a student said “I can’t do this”, it seemed that more barriers went up until, eventually, there was so much frustration and bad feeling that they really couldn’t do anything. I wish I’d known about TBP back then.

What is The Balance Procedure?

TBP is neither a therapy nor a healing process. Put simply, it’s a non-verbal, powerful relaxation technique which balances your body’s energy system using nine cards.

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On the front of each card is a symbol and on the back there is more information: a geometric symbol, a colour, a number, one or two signs of the zodiac, a gemstone, an element, a planet, a chakra, and some physical aspects.

I bet you’re now thinking ‘That doesn’t sound very simple’. Well, maybe not. However, you don’t need to know what’s on the cards or even believe in TBP for changes to happen.

All you do is place these cards, one by one, on your heart and check whether you are ‘balanced’ (you’ll move forward slightly if so). Those that aren’t (if you move backwards or to the side) are then ‘balanced’ using a breathing technique.

How does it work?

One explanation of why it works so effectively is that when we’re stressed, we use a much smaller percentage of our subconscious mind. The result is that we’re unable to function to our full potential – so we become tongue-tied in interviews, unable to recall facts in exams, lose our tempers at the slightest irritation, overeat, get headaches or other physical problems etc.

The relaxation response that TBP triggers enables creativity to flow, stimulates our ability to learn, develops our intuition, improves our physical wellbeing and opens us up to receiving new ideas and ways of thinking and behaving.

Even if you’ve tried other techniques or therapies before and not found any improvement or change, perhaps TBP will work for you?

It helps you to create the life you want and be the person you want to be, without having to analyse why you behave or react in a certain way.

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It’s about moving forward in the future, not looking back to the past…



About Jacqueline Seddon

I was born in Oxford, have lived in 36 houses (not all in the UK) and I suppose you could say I’ve learned a lot in the university of life - although Janey Lee Grace once told me that that was not a very original thing to say. Now I’m settled in Nottingham – until the next move? - where I work as a therapist. See my website for more details about what I do.