The 5 Most Overlooked Wedding Requirements

The 5 Most Overlooked Wedding Requirements

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Courtsey of AfroDad via Flickr

Courtsey of AfroDad via Flickr

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that a wedding is by far one of the largest expenses you’ll face, your whole life over. Multiply that cost by both time and stress, and its toll on your life greatly outnumbers many others by any comparison.

Hidden complexities are often overlooked or left for destiny, and quite often, even the most skilled wedding planner may fail to present obstacles before they rear their ugly heads.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of possible wedding fails, from wedding venues Brisbane and beyond!

1. Flash Photography

As this website accurately demonstrates, paparazzi-style flash photography can be a wedding photo album killer.

Cameras in general can generate a number of problems during any wedding ceremony, and it’s important to draw the line early if it’s a line you’re going to draw. Let your guests know well in advance, and through every communication along the way leading up to your wedding day that cameras, or only flash photography, are not welcome unless specified it’s alright to do so.

Because your wedding album will likely be full of faces obscured by smart phones rigidly clutched in front of heads, colours washed out by their overbearing photo flashes, and even worse –giant tablets blocking entire faces and scenes.

We suggest doing your best to avoid having your wedding guests and party look like a bunch of tourists on vacation, and save the photography for the well-paid professional who is seamlessly stalking around your event, unobtrusively.

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And of course, be sure to allow cameras at designated times. A second wedding kiss, perhaps? Only after your photographer snapped the first one, of course.

2. Eternal Flames

For most religious or artisan weddings, candles play their role in illustrating the symbolism behind your decision to wed, but you’d never believe how many insurance policies for commercial buildings define them as an unallowable fire hazard. Most fine dining wedding settings absolutely rely on them.

It might just be a good idea to ask this question before moving on and booking an event anywhere, you cannot assume anything.

3. Friendly Spaces

I think it’s safe to say no wedding in the history of humankind has gone off without having a few diverse social groups involved, those who parcel off, and tend to stick with their own.

As much as a wedding brings families together, it also must respect the diversity and ages of each and every attendee; that means “kiddie tables”, a dancing area (one for kids, one for adults), a stand-around-and-chat zone, and so on.

You don’t need a giant space to accomplish making everyone feeling at home, you just need to be smart about your use of space, and ensure every defined area makes sense.

4. Power Outlets

Probably one of the most overlooked attributes of any wedding venue, like, hello, McFly, you’re quite likely hosting an event in a building which was built before your great grandfather took his first steps. Think about it.

You’ve got audio equipment, your photographer and/or videographers’ rotating battery charge schedule, and a wide array of other reasons why a plug near-by is crucial.

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This goes double for places with swanky carpets you can’t tape an extension cord to for safety. Because no one thinks Aunt Mabel is going to survive another hip surgery, let alone another fall.

5. Acoustics, Parking, Privacy, Cancellation Policy

I really didn’t want to leave this at a mere five tips, as I’ve already got 2 weddings under my belt already, and I’d be providing a disservice to you if I left out any of these last factors.

Acoustics go without saying, check them out. Let out a little shout, bring a boom box. Test them.
Parking. Your guests will be really unhappy if they’ve got a block or more to walk in their Sunday Best, just because you got a deal on a beautiful location.

Privacy. Most wedding venues happen in places where other events are going on at the same time, and some saucy folks like to walk betweenWedding_2 them when the alcohol gets flowing (or you’ve got better party favours on your side of the fence). Ensure you’ve got privacy, and that neighbours don’t have easy access to your rented space.

Cancellation Policy. If anything above goes awry, make sure you’ve got a tolerable cancellation policy in place, and be clear of what it entails.