Taking control of your day: 5 rules of a morning routine

Do you want to have complete control over every working day?

If the answer is yes, then here are five simple rules of the morning routine for everyone. Your morning routine will be easier and more comfortable if you follow certain rules.

Order and consistency are essential aspects of successful people.

Even if you have a busy work schedule, then morning rules will help you cope with any task. These are very simple rules that you can follow every day. You can enlarge or reduce the list as you like. However, stick to the basics to make each day more comfortable.

1. Wake up on time

It seems obvious, but not all people have their own schedule of activity. If you learn to fall asleep and wake up at a specific time, you will feel better. This applies both mentally and physically. When you set your biological timer to a specific time, headaches and chronic fatigue in the morning may disappear.

Consider this a life hack. This is especially effective for getting more tasks done in the morning. It will take you 1-2 weeks to adjust to your new sleep schedule. It won’t be very difficult if you set your alarm. In the future, your biological clock will allow you to wake up without additional help.

2. Take your time

Calmness and consistency is key. Create morning rituals such as an invigorating shower, a light walk in the park, or listening to music. You don’t have to torture your body with physical training. Plan 20-30 minutes to just sit on your bed and recover.

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One of the main life hacks is to give yourself some time in case of unforeseen situations. Then you won’t have to rush because of your busy schedule. Never rush if you can handle a problem without chaos and excitement. Then you will not make mistakes and be more efficient all day long.

3. Enjoy a coffee

Sometimes even a well-planned day and the absence of morning fuss cannot affect apathy and fatigue. In this case, you could try a morning coffee. It is best to use an automatic coffee machine with an option for grinding beans. Then you can choose the strength of the drink and increase your level of dopamine. This hormone will make you feel better and get energized for at least a few hours.

Another important aspect of this rule is to select only the best Brazilian coffee beans. Find the coffee that suits you. Then every morning will start with a delicious and aromatic drink. One cup will be enough to wake you up completely. You can even add cinnamon, or ginger to boost concentration and energy levels.

And don’t forget to choose beans that are well roasted. Then you get a concentrated drink. But there is one more nuance that will increase the effectiveness of coffee. You already know how good it is to wake up at the same time. This is why you should also plan on making a hot drink. Then your body will wake up faster from each sip.

Do your morning exercises

Exercise, yoga, and meditation are good in the morning. Choose a set of exercises that are not too difficult for you. The main goal of physical activity is to keep your body healthy. Then any sudden movement will not cause sprains and prolonged pain.

Typically 10-15 minutes is sufficient for a light series of exercises. This stimulates breathing and heartbeat. As a result, all your organs receive more oxygen, and you will feel better. Try not to skip these morning activities, and you will feel like every day becomes easier for you when it comes to concentrating on work tasks and getting around the city.

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Keep breakfast simple and healthy

Many nutritionists believe that breakfast is one of the most important parts of a meal. But you shouldn’t eat much. Make a diet that provides you with the required amount of protein, vitamins, and carbohydrates. Have a cup of coffee and prepare a salad. You can also choose porridge because fast carbohydrates are what energetic people need.

You can even buy a measuring cup in the early stages to determine the exact amount of cereal. Your kitchen scale will also help you with this. Make it a rule that you only need to choose healthy foods. Then your morning routine will be enjoyable.


These are the five basic rules that will make your morning routine easier and more enjoyable. Plan your morning according to your needs, and don’t forget about natural stimulants like coffee or fruit. Then you will be able to cope with all tasks and monitor your health.

Bring some rules and order to this chaotic world, and the results will be great!