Book Club: Hereford

As everyone knows Book Clubs can be a lot of fun: boozy affairs… an excuse for a get together with friends and a glass or three of red…. or intellectually challenging forums where all opinions are sought out and rigorously examined

Herefordshire-totally4women-300x200Ours is in the middle really, yet somehow none of us wants to miss a single meeting – we are all rather addicted to this ritual gathering where we share the most intimate of thoughts and experiences and then part knowing we will not meet again for another six weeks or so.

So who are we?

7 women of varying ages and backgrounds (though 3 lawyers amongst us!). We have connections and ties within the group but as a group we have only book club to hold us together; somehow this seems to work and over the last 3 years we have gelled nicely. Having said that the only certainty about our discussions is that no one will be of the opinion predicted for them-we are totally unpredictable!

Where do we meet?

We take it in turns at each other’s houses all over the county – how much easier now we have a record of where we are going next. Everyone wants to be the hostess it seems.

How often?

Well that very much depends on the size of the book. We indulge ourselves with a long one over the summer period but otherwise no one is thanked for picking a lengthy read; so, out of the summer season –when a mutually convenient date is not to be found- we tend to convene every 6 weeks or so. Everyone has a busy diary so discussions on dates can be overly long!

What do we read?

Short to medium size books (!) with a good mix of contemporary and classical and a range of author nationalities.

How do we choose?

After several exhausting evenings we have opted for the hostess choosing the next book, the more democratic amongst us offering 2 or 3 choices.

What do we eat and drink?

Occasional glass of white but more often than not it’s elderflower cordial with nibbles and, just now and again, an egg mayonnaise sandwich to die for.

Our collective favourite read to date?

The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck, though Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton must surely get a mention.