Step away from the comfort zone!

A negative mind will never give you a positive life. Motivational background

Ever heard of a hindering thought? Maybe not, but the chances are that you’ve had one. I can’t do that because… is a hindering thought, and one that most of us use fairly frequently to stop ourselves ever having to leave our comfort zone.

A negative mind will never give you a positive life. Motivational backgroundBut by changing the way you think, these thoughts turn from being huge obstacles into small stumbling blocks which you can easily overcome.

And this is the premise of the Go MAD (Go Make a Difference) framework. It’s a way of helping us decide what we want and how we can accomplish this – in a way that fits in with our busy lives.

The system stretches your mind, teasing out any obstacles which could get in your way and helping you work through, and overcome, your negative thoughts.

What’s stopping you from achieving your dream?

When you think about doing something new or different – it might be starting a hobby or going somewhere unusual on holiday – do you automatically think of everything that could go wrong, or all the reasons why you shouldn’t pursue it? Then just carry on doing everything the way you always have, whether you’re happy with your lot or not?

Well, it is possible to turn these thoughts around to support you in pursuing new ideas. At Go MAD, we talk about hindering thoughts without suggesting you ignore them. That won’t help, and could even make you more anxious about your situation.

But imagine the difference if you could take those thoughts and use them to help and support you with your new idea.

Instead of thinking that won’t work because… or if I do that xxx could happen and everything will go wrong, simply consider your concerns as obstacles that you need to overcome. Say to yourself:

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“Okay, this is something I really would like/need to do but I have some concerns. These aren’t reasons not to go ahead, I simply need to work out what I need to do to overcome these obstacles. How can I do this?”

By turning around your thoughts you can often find ways to overcome the obstacle. For example, you might need to involve other people, ask someone to come with you or show you how to do something, or you might establish that you need to do some extra research to give yourself more knowledge. Whatever the answer, you will be taking steps towards your goal instead of thinking of all the reasons not to go ahead at all.

Go MAD is a great technique for turning negativity on its head, harnessing those hindering thoughts and using them to work with you instead of against you.

And once you start learning how to overcome these barriers, the possibilities are endless…

About Joanne Godson

I’m a Go MAD Accredited Thinker. No don’t panic, it’s quite safe – GoMAD stands for Go Make A Difference, and it’s all about providing tools and a framework to help people think creatively about their lives, how they want to live and how to achieve their goals. I have worked in HR in business and the health service and also as a Career Coach for so many years and I have often worked with people helping them to focus on what is important to them, whether it be personally, in business or in their careers; letting creative thinking uncover the right decisions. When I am not working my time is spent with my husband and our three children. I like to spend time outdoors, whether walking with my two dogs, horse riding with my daughter or watching my boys who are passionate sportsmen. You can visit my website or follow me on Twitter @JoanneGodson.