Spring – has it sprung?

Daffodils in spring

At last, just as Wordsworth predicted, a host of golden daffodils.

Not filling the Welsh hills, although they might be. These are a little closer to home – in my garden.

Field of blooming daffodils

A host might be an exaggeration too but I live in hope that one day they will be.

It might just be my imagination but I can feel a break in the shackles of winter gloom that follows me through the New Year’s first couple of months.

I cannot wait for spring. Longer days, warmer air, Chris Packham on Springwatch. What could be better?

This uplifting spring feeling began a couple of weeks ago. I noticed the first snowdrop making its appearance in a mini drift in a neighbour’s garden. I smiled outwardly and the wave of relief rose up through me.

At last I thought spring has started to beat winter into its annual submission. The walk to the library had an extra spring that Monday morning.

Yes, spring is on its way. Pessimistically I have been watching for that last flurry of snowflakes to fill the chilled morning air. So far, it hasn’t happened. Not at time of writing anyway – this winter has been different – it hasn’t been really cold. Where I live we have had no snow. I have only scraped ice from the car window screen a dozen times at most.

Winter has been mild and wet. We have endured no flooding where I live but I know of people who have. Hopefully the warmer spring days will help them dry out.

Bird action has stepped up a gear too in the garden. Ring neck doves have been cooing and wooing for ages. I’m beginning to wonder if they ever stop. Today blackbirds were busy dirty dancing. Not even stopping for the loud squalls of two small children released into a slightly soggy but now fast drying garden. Dirty knees and red cheeks, a sign of days ahead.

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A lone bee has been seen buzzing the window perhaps looking for some warmth but I haven’t noticed a butterfly yet. The boy and I did spot a lone crunching munching caterpillar yesterday in a suntrap on a wall. I wonder if it appreciated the stroke he gave it?

Spring is almost here, I can feel it.

The tide of winter pessimism is receding, spring is nearly here and believe me the sight of snowdrops and daffodils are very welcome.

This year the Vernal Equinox (beginning of spring) from the Latin meaning of ‘equal night’ is March 20th. The day will almost be the same length as the night everywhere with the Sun rising and setting due east and west.

Then, with spring officially in residence, it will be time to move the clocks forward seven days later. The hour’s loss of sleep is worth it. Spring will be well and truly here.

Mandy Clark

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Well into my forties life took a new pathway when my partner and I adopted two beautiful children. A full time mum, with a passion for cricket I am midway through my MA course wondering when I’ll ever find the time to recommence my studies. Happily in a Civil Partnership with Louise and looking forward to getting married soon.