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market street in hong kong

Hong Kong is truly an amazing place to visit, definitely one of my favourite destinations.

boat on water in front of hong kongWhen I visited it was November, which meant quite nice weather – still humid but not as hot as you could expect if you visited during the summer months.

Hong Kong is made up of a chunk of mainland China plus over 200 Islands in the South China Sea. The heart of all of this is Hong Kong Island.

A dazzling array of sights, sounds and smells

When you visit Hong Kong, prepare for a sensory overload. There are sounds and colours everywhere, not to mention the amazing food smells that surround you as you walk the busy streets and markets.

Apparently there are over 10,000 restaurants in Hong Kong, so you can be assured of finding somewhere that caters for your tastes. We stayed in the Langham Hotel on Kowloon, which was the perfect location to base ourselves from.

My must-see places

A trip on the Star Ferry is a must and at around $2 it’s so cheap to just hop on and off. The light show in the evening is spectacular, as all the buildings on Hong Kong island light up – you really do have to experience it.

There are many markets to visit in Hong Kong. I’d recommend paying a visit to Temple Street Night Market, Stanley Market and the Jade Market. You can pick up some really great items, but make sure you’re prepared to barter to get the price down. Even if you’re not interested in shopping, the markets are an experience in themselves just to walk around and take in the atmosphere.

market street in hong kongThe Peak is also another must see. You can get the Peak bus from right next to the Star Ferry Port on Hong Kong Island (again this is very cheap). Once you get to the Peak you can take a tram ride to the top and back down again. Word of advice – take your camera with you so you can capture the breathtaking views.

All in all, Hong Kong is a wonderful place with so much to offer. It’s full of life, bustle and energy – not a relaxing break, but an invigorating, thrilling and memorable one.

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When to go: October, November and December are the best months to visit as temperatures are great and skies nice and clear.

Getting there: There are excellent connections to Hong Kong as it is an international business hub. Direct and indirect flights are very easy to arrange from the UK.

Getting around: Trains, buses and the Metro are super easy to use and extremely cheap. We used the Metro all the time and it’s really simple as you can hop on and off to get to all the main markets and tourist attractions. And sometimes it’s nice to just walk and soak up the atmosphere.

Eating and drinking: Street food is great and so cheap if you’re feeling adventurous and want to try different things.

There are plenty of small restaurants and bars to try so you can eat to whatever your purse will allow. The food is Cantonese. With over seven million people Hong Kong’s Dai Pai Dong’s (open-air stalls) are very popular and on Hong Kong Island provide a great food fix for the busy office workers and tourists. Many dishes are cooked in under a minute in a wok heated to over 200 degrees so it really is fast food!

Being on the water as you walk around the markets you will see that pretty much all seafood is sold live. You can take a walk around the Wet Market to experience this.

Things to think about:  Hong Kong is not really cheap in terms of accommodation or eating and drinking, especially within the hotels. Most hotels add on a service fee onto the bill automatically so be aware of this when you order. There is no obligation to tip but I would recommend saving a few dollars for taxi drivers or porters.


Updated September 2016

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