Special gifts for loved ones with cancer

Ideas for loved ones with cancer

Creative ideas for loved ones with cancer

If you have a friend or loved ones with cancer, then the chances are that you’ll want to buy or make a gift for them. That would be lovely and very well received. Or, you could do something a little bit different. After all, getting through cancer is long slog and it would be extra nice to have things spread across the duration of treatment to help break up the drudgery, monotony and misery that treatment can bring.

Ideas for loved ones with cancerHow about being creative and putting something special together?  Some ideas include:

A human repair kit/chemo care package

A box of useful chemo things that will be of practical help and that will make life a little easier or more bearable. Choose items from the lists below, for example:

Chemo care package for your friend to take to their chemo appointments

  • Tissues
  • Handcream
  • Lipbalm
  • Boiled sweets/mints
  • Magazine/puzzle/book
  • Notepad and pen
  • Chocolate
  • Antibacterial handwash

Home care package to help during the recovery days at home

  • Tissues
  • Handcream
  • Lipbalm
  • A bell (to ring for a cup of tea!)
  • A nice shawl, scarf or blanket
  • Puzzle book/magazine/book
  • Something nice to eat, like biscuits or cakes
  • Chocolate

A bag of wrapped presents with one to open per day

For example, one per day in the build up to say, surgery. Or one to open every day of chemo. Or one to open every three days after chemo (which are the worst days of side effects). You don’t need to spend much and you can include things like puzzle books, tissues, lipbalm, hand sanitiser, magazines, books (no need for them to be brand new), chocolate, herbal tea bags, sweets, mints and a water spray.

A box of sunshine

Why not give your friend a box full of lovely yellow things? Try finding yellow items such as: tissues, toiletries, sweets, stationery, pens, mug, socks, scarf, and lemons (lots of lemon things are nice during illness: lemon tea, lemon lipbalm, lemon sweets, lemon hand sanitiser and so on). Or you could wrap a bunch of items in yellow paper. The point is that this is “box of sunshine” to brighten their day.

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A Feel Better basket

A box or basket of individually wrapped gifts with the idea that whenever your friend or family member is having a particularly bad day, they can open one of the gifts. Make sure you pop in things that will make them smile when they open them – the idea is to bring a smile to their face. Fun ideas are: mugs/t-shirts/notebooks with funny, kick-cancer-in-the-butt slogans, fun food and drink, funny books and magazines or just a card with a suitably defiant message.

A pamper care package

A bag or box of luxury items which would provide a special treat during treatment. For example:

  • Luxury brand handcream, shower gel, body lotion
  • A nice shawl, scarf or slippers
  • Candle
  • Treatment affects everyone in different ways – but maybe a bottle of their favourite tipple? Prosecco? Gin? And how about some nice chocolate?

These are just a few ideas of how to give something extra special to your friend or loved one during this difficult time for them.

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