Simple diet changes that make a big impact

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I think you will agree with me when I say that no matter who you are, most of us will diet at one time or another in our lives.

woman sitting by fridgeIt doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to fit into a new dress for a special occasion or just want to feel fabulous on that beach holiday you’ve been waiting for all year; now and again, we all try dieting.

However, the big problem is that time and time again our diets fail, we’re left feeling depleted and often end up face down in a huge tub of something sweet – or is that just me?

Don’t panic, all is not lost. By following a few simple diet changes that make a big impact, you could be in that new frock feeling fab in no time.

1 – Eat on time, every time

As humans, we are creatures of habit. We like our routines and don’t do well when faced with change.

This is never more prominent than with newborn babies. They eat on schedule, sleep on schedule and if they don’t, their body goes to pot (and so does your mind).

Even as infants who know nothing of the world, it is built into us to stick to this military regime of waking, eating and sleeping.

However, as we grow older and life gets busy, a lot of this routine goes out the window especially in our own lives.

Okay, maybe your routine is rigorous when it comes to getting the kids up and off to school, getting to work and drop offs for after school activities, but what about meal times?

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Very few of us stick to a routine when it comes to food. Often meals are on the run, in the car and even just before bed. Gone are the days of sitting down to family meals at set times for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

However, a recent British study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that women who ate erratically consumed more calories and took longer to burn them off than women who at six small scheduled meals daily.

Therefore, eating on time every time could be key to weight loss success.

Don’t forget the same applies to any supplements or medication you may be taking too. If you work this into your routine at a set time every day then you’ll never miss a tablet again.

2 – Go green

British women love their tea! A good ‘builder’s brew’ is often key to making it through the day.

However, switching from your typical Tetleys to green tea could help your diet succeed.

Green tea is one of the healthiest beverages on the planet. It is filled with antioxidants which can help ward off chronic illnesses as well as being packed with metabolism boosting powers.

A study recently conducted in Japan concluded that people who drank an 11-ounce bottle of green tea each day lost 5.3 pounds after three months, whereas those who drank regular tea lost only 2.9 pounds (source)

3 – Name your craving

One problem many women have is when they get cravings, they can’t quite put their finger on what exactly they want.

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Then what happens is we over eat, binging our way through the cupboards until we finally feel satisfied.

You need to consider if you are craving something sweet, salty, creamy or crunchy. These are the four craving categories.

If you’re craving creamy and sweet for example, try a low fat yogurt. But if you’re craving salty and crunchy, try a handful of dry roasted nuts.

4 – Follow a list & never shop hungry

The worst mistake people make (both men and women) is they go to the supermarket starving and unprepared. This leads to impulse buying.

How many times have you walked aimlessly around your go-to supermarket, trailing the aisles to see ‘what you need’ only to say “Ooh look! Don’t these look nice” at something that will completely hinder your diet?

Go with purpose and a plan. Have your list ready and stick to it. Only go to the aisles that house the things on your list, like fresh fruit and veggies and avoid the bakery aisle.

5 – Get more sleep

According to a study by Laval University in Quebec, those who sleep six hours a night or less are more likely to be overweight than those who get a full eight hours of shut eye nightly (source).

It can be difficult with the busy lives we lead to get a good night’s sleep. However, when you’re sleep deprived your body is in a heightened state of stress and produces more stress hormones. This leads to a number of issues, overeating being one of them.

Try these simple changes to your lifestyle and see how big an impact they can have.

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I'm on a mission to make health and nutrition simple. As a mother of 2 who slipped into a really unhealthy lifestyle I decided it was time to take action. After discovering that there were few resources around at the time that made things clear and easy to follow, I decided it was time to make health and nutrition easy to understand.