Seven ways to find high heels at a discount…

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As well as giving you extra height, high heels can make your legs look like they go on forever and are great if you want to get the long-and-sexy legs look.

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However, if you’re low on funds, buying the high heels you want can be downright challenging. Fret not, for we’ve come up with seven easy ways to grab high heels at a discount so you can get strutting in them, stat.

1. Use coupon codes.

Why blow your entire clothing allowance on a pair of killer heels when you can get them at a discount using coupon codes? Coupon codes are a totally legit means of saving money when shopping for high heels online. Coupons let you cut the cost of stilettos in half and even give you free shipping on purchases. Coupon sites have a number of codes for getting high heels from top brands at discounted prices, so make sure you check out available and valid coupon codes at checkout. A good place to check out is here:

2. Consider slightly used or never-used heels

Some people may have mistakenly bought high heels in the wrong size or colour and instead of returning them to the shop, sell them online at a lower price instead. Be on the lookout for high heels that have been worn only once or rarely, or not worn at all.

3. Buy stock overruns

Sometimes manufacturers produce more of an item than their shops have room to sell, resulting in stock overruns. These are then sold at cheaper prices by other websites or shops, so it’s a great place to start, especially if you’re looking for brand-name shoes at discounted prices.

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4. Get exclusive deals from brands

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Another way to score high heels at discounted prices is by creating an account at a shoe brand’s website or online shop. Companies often offer new members up to 10% off on purchases, so make sure you register before making a purchase. You can also subscribe to the brand newsletter so you don’t miss out on members-only exclusive deals.

5. Scout for shoes at charity shops

Thrifting is a virtue, especially if you’re keen on scoring a great deal on high heels. Sifting through shops that sell pre-owned clothing for the perfect pair may take time, but you’ll be glad you did it when you find the heels you’ve always wanted at a price you can definitely afford.

6. Check out barter or swap sites

Another way to find low-price or eve free high heels is to check out sites that let members swap items such as clothing and footwear. There are many people only too willing to exchange a pair of just-bought heels with another item after realising they can’t really work them in with their other outfits. If you have something to offer from your own wardrobe such as a dress you’ve been given as a gift but don’t see yourself wearing, it may be a good idea to simply swap it for someone else’s heels that catch your fancy.

7. Shop at off-season sales

The world won’t end if you buy something from last season, or even last year. High heels rarely go out of style anyway, so if you want to get some serious savings on your shoe purchases, a little patience goes a long way. Wait for off-season sales to get your high heels at a discount—trust us, no one will notice!

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So if you’re looking for some stilettos at a bargain price, hopefully you now have some ideas of where to find them… happy hunting!